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  Indexes and Finding Aids

Each encyclopedia department (e.g. Arts, Literature, Social Sciences) has its own alphabetical and subject indexes. These indexes are the primary tools for navigating within a department and are accessible from a navigation bar at the top of each encyclopedia page.

  • Alphabetical Indexes  Each department’s alphabetical index lists every entry within the department. A department’s alphabetical index is the fastest way to access an entry when its title is known.

  • Subject Indexes  Departmental subject indexes support exploration of entire subject areas and highlight the overview entries that introduce them. Many subject headings are hyperlinked and include a “more like this” link. These links lead to an exhaustive list of all of the overview and non-overview entries related to the subject area. The subject indexes are the best way to gain an overall understanding of a field of inquiry or to begin a research project.

Find Menu

Each page of every encyclopedia entry contains a find menu in the right hand column with five menu choices.

  • Related Entries  The last page of each entry includes an annotated list of links to other glbtq pages related to the entry’s topic. The Related Entries link in the find menu is a shortcut to the Related Entries list.

  • More Entries by this Contributor  glbtq’s about section includes a page for each encyclopedia contributor that includes a biographical note and a list of glbtq entries the contributor authored. This find menu link is a shortcut to the relevant contributor page.

  • A Bibliography on this Topic  Each entry includes a bibliography listing print and online sources relevant to its topic. The find menu Bibliography link leads directly to it.

  • Citation Information  Entries include a table of information necessary for creating bibliographical references to them. The Citation Information link is a shortcut that leads to the table.

  • More entries on …   The last link in the Find menu (e.g. More Entries on Literature) leads to the relevant department’s subject index.

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