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Abbéma, Louise
Abbott, Berenice
Acosta, Mercedes de
Adam, Margie
Adrian-Nilsson, Gösta (GAN)
Advertising and Consumerism
African-American and African Diaspora Art
African Art: Contemporary
African Art: Traditional
AIDS Activism in the Arts
Ailey, Alvin
Akerman, Chantal
Allan, Maud
Allen, Chad
Allen, Peter
Almendros, Néstor
Almodóvar, Pedro
Amaechi, John
American Art: Gay Male, 1900-1969
American Art: Gay Male, Nineteenth Century
American Art: Gay Male, Post-Stonewall
American Art: Lesbian, 1900-1969
American Art: Lesbian, Nineteenth Century
American Art: Lesbian, Post-Stonewall
American Television, Drama
American Television, News
American Television, Reality Shows
American Television, Situation Comedies
American Television, Soap Operas
American Television, Talk Shows
Amies, Sir Hardy
Anderson, Lindsay
Anger, Kenneth
Angus, Patrick
Araki, Gregg
Armani, Giorgio
Arts and Crafts Movement
Arzner, Dorothy
Ashley, April
Ashman, Howard
Ashton, Sir Frederick
Asian Film
Asquith, Anthony
Aucoin, Kevyn
Austen, Alice
Australian Art
Australian Film
Australian Television
Bachardy, Don
Bacon, Francis
Baez, Joan
Baitz, Jon Robin
Baker, Josephine
Balenciaga, Cristóbal
Ballets Russes
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Ball, Alan
Bankhead, Tallulah
Barber, Samuel
Barcelona Monument
Barclay, Paris 
Barker, Clive
Barrowman, John
Barr, Richard
Bartel, Paul
Barthé, James Richmond
Barton, Crawford
Bass, Lance
Batt, Bryan
Baxter, Meredith
Bazille, Jean-Frédéric
Bean, Billy
Beardsley, Aubrey
Beard, James
Bearse, Amanda
Beaton, Sir Cecil
Bechdel, Alison
Béjart, Maurice
Bell, Andy
Bennett, Michael
Bentley, Eric
Bentley, Gladys
Berber, Anita
Berlanti, Greg
Berners, Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson, Baron
Bernhard, Ruth
Bernhard, Sandra
Bernhardt, Sarah
Bernstein, Leonard
Bess, Forrest
Beyer, Georgina
Bingham, Mark
Biren, Joan Elizabeth (JEB)
Bisexuality in Film
Black, Dustin Lance
Blake, Nayland
Bleckner, Ross
Blitzstein, Marc
Blues Music
Blunt, Anthony
Boffin, Tessa
Bogarde, Sir Dirk
Boitano, Brian  
Bonheur, Rosa
Bono, Chaz
Borden, Lizzie
Borghese, Scipione Caffarelli
Botticelli, Sandro
Boulanger, Nadia
Bourbon, Ray
Bourne, Matthew
Bowery, Leigh
Bowie, David
Boy George (George O'Dowd)
Breker, Arno
Britten, Benjamin
British Television
Bronzino, Agnolo
Brooks, Romaine
Broughton, James
Bruhn, Erik
Burke, Glenn
Burr, Raymond
Burra, Edward
Busch, Charles
Bussotti, Sylvano
Butler, Dan
Popular Topics in Social Sciences
Stonewall Riots Stonewall Riots
The confrontations between police and demonstrators at the Stonewall Inn in New York City the weekend of June 27-29, 1969 mark the beginning of the modern glbtq movement for equal rights.
Gay Liberation Front
Formed soon after the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the short-lived but influential Gay Liberation Front brought a new militancy to the movement that became known as gay liberation.
The Sexual Revolution, 1960-1980 The Sexual Revolution, 1960-1980
The sexual revolution of post-World War II America changed sexual and gender roles profoundly.
Leather Culture
"Leather" is a blanket term for a large array of sexual preferences, identities, relationship structures, and social organizations loosely tied together by the thread of what is conventionally understood as sadomasochistic sex.
Anthony, Susan B. Anthony, Susan B.
Although best known for her crusade for women's suffrage, Susan B. Anthony spoke out on a range of feminist issues.
Africa: Sub-Saharan, Pre-Independence
With reports from hundreds of sub-Saharan African locales of male-male sexual relations and from about fifty of female-female sexual relations, it is clear that same-sex sexual relations existed in traditional African societies, though varying in forms and in the degree of public acceptance
Androgyny Androgyny
Androgyny, a psychological blending of gender traits, has long been embraced by strong women, soft men, members of queer communities, and others who do not easily fit into traditionally defined gender categories.
A cultural crossroads between Asia and Europe, Russia has a long, rich, and often violent heritage of varied influences and stark confrontations in regard to its patterns of same-sex love.
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