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Caballero, Luis
Cabarets and Revues
Cadinot, Jean-Daniel
Cadmus, Paul
Cage, John
Cahun, Claude
Caja, Jerome
Callow, Simon
Camp Records
Canadian Art
Canadian Television
Cárdenas, Nancy
Carné, Marcel
Carrington, Dora
Carstairs, Marion Barbara "Joe"
Carter, Nell
Cellini, Benvenuto
Censorship in the Arts
Chamberlain, Richard
Chapman, Graham
Charke, Charlotte
Chéreau, Patrice
Cherkassky, Shura
Cheung, Leslie
Chicago, Judy
Cholodenko, Lisa
Cho, Margaret
Choruses and Bands
Christian, Meg
Clark, Ossie
Classical Art
Cliburn, Van
Clift, Montgomery
Clinton, Kate
Close, Roberta
Coco, James
Cocteau, Jean
Collard, Cyril
Comedy: Stand-Up, Gay Male
Comedy: Stand-Up, Lesbian
Comic Strips and Cartoons
Condon, William "Bill"
Contemporary Art
Cooling, Janet
Cooper, Anderson
Copland, Aaron
Corelli, Arcangelo
Corigliano, John
Corinne, Tee
Cornell, Katharine, (1893-1974) and Guthrie McClintic (1893-1961)
Correggio (Antonio Allegri)
Country Music
Coward, Sir Noël
Cowell, Henry
Cranston, Toller
Crisp, Quentin
Crowley, Mart
Cruse, Howard
Cukor, George
Cumming, Alan
Cunningham, Merce
Curry, John
Cushman, Charlotte
Daniels, Lee
Darger, Henry
Dattani, Mahesh
Davies, Sir Peter
Davies, Terence
Davis, Brad
Day, F. Holland
Dean, James
DeCaro, Frank
DeGeneres, Ellen
Deitch, Donna
Delaney, Beauford
DeLaria, Lea
Del Tredici, David
Demuth, Charles
De Rossi, Portia
Diaghilev, Sergei
Diamond, David
Didrikson, Mildred "Babe"
Dietrich, Marlene
DiFranco, Ani
DiMassa, Diane
Dior, Christian
Disco and Dance Music
Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead)
Dobell, Sir William
Dobkin, Alix
Documentary Film
Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce, Domenico (b. 1958) and Stefano Gabbana (b. 1962)

Dong, Arthur
Doone, Rupert
Dorval, Marie
Drag Shows: Drag Kings and Male Impersonators
Drag Shows: Drag Queens and Female Impersonators
Drivas, Robert
Duchamp, Marcel
Duncan, Isadora
Duquesnoy, Jérôme
Durang, Christopher
Dureau, George
Dürer, Albrecht
Duse, Eleonora
Dutch Friendship Glasses
Popular Topics in Literature
Michelangelo Buonarroti Michelangelo Buonarroti
Best known for his genius in art and architecture, Michelangelo was also an accomplished author of homoerotic poetry.
Byron, George Gordon, Lord Byron, George Gordon, Lord
The bisexual Lord Byron treated many of his homosexual love affairs in his poetry, encoding them by the use of classical references or by purporting that they were affairs with women.
Modern Drama Modern Drama
Before Stonewall, censorship of the theater caused authors to encode homosexual content in publicly-presented plays.
Camp Camp
Combining elements of incongruity, theatricality, and exaggeration, camp is a form of humor that helps homosexuals cope with a hostile environment.
Selvadurai, Shyam
Sri Lankan-Canadian writer Shyam Selvadurai has emerged as a significant figure in post-colonial and gay writing by virtue of the style, wit, and perspicacity of his three novels.
Musical Theater
There has always been homosexual involvement in American musical theatre and a homosexual sensibility even in straight musicals, and recently the Broadway musical has welcomed openly homosexual themes and situations.
African-American Literature: Gay Male African-American Literature: Gay Male
The African-American gay male literary tradition consists of a substantial body of texts and includes some of the most gifted writers of the twentieth century.
Philippine Literature
A vigorous gay and lesbian literature emerged in the Philippines in the last two decades of the twentieth century.
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