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Bearse, Amanda (b. 1958)  
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As she remarked at the time, "I've been very fortunate. I'm supported by the people I work with. I'm on a hit show. I just renegotiated my contract: It was completely up, and this was a time when they could have easily cut me loose. Fortunately I'm valued there as a person, as an actor, and as a director. Being lesbian is a nonissue on the show."

Indeed, Bearse's coming out had little negative impact on her career. She continued acting and began increasingly to work behind the camera as well, directing numerous episodes of Married . . . with Children and many other sitcoms, such as ABC's Dharma and Greg, FOX's Mad TV, and Reba on the WB network. The comic sensibility and timing that she evinced as an actress has also characterized her directing.

Though her only lesbian acting role to date is Marcy D'Arcy's gay cousin Mandy on a 1997 episode of Married . . . with Children, Bearse has worked with another out comic actor, Rosie O'Donnell, in directing several episodes of The Big Gay Sketch Show, which began airing on gay cable channel Logo in 2007.

Bearse has continued to be a strong advocate for gay rights and gay parenting issues. She was part of a 1995 Advocate profile of gay parents, and, in 1997, brought public attention to lesbian custody issues when her partner at that time, Dell Pearce, a producer of television commercials, was involved in a custody dispute with a former lover.

In the late 1990s she began to work as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, and she has remained a strong supporter of queer visibility and National Coming Out Day, saying "It's harder to discriminate against a face than an abstract."

Bearse has also served as a "Gay Games Ambassador," signing on to help get the word out about the Gay Games in Chicago in 2006.

In 2010, Bearse and Carrie Schenkman, a Seattle businesswoman who tends to avoid publicity, married in Vermont. The spouses commute between homes in Atlanta, where Bearse has long lived and where her daughter attends high school, and Seattle, where Schenkman lives with her daughter.

In addition, Bearse spends a great deal of time in Los Angeles, where she works on a number of projects.

Tina Gianoulis

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