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British Television  
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Nevertheless, Queer as Folk's influence can be seen in the refreshing approach a series such as the revamped Crossroads (2001- ) has taken to its queer incumbents, who are involved in all aspects of the plot-lines, not just those dealing with homosexuality.

With the new century a strong gay and lesbian presence is making itself felt. Openly gay and lesbian people present a range of faces, voices, attitudes, and opinions. These include comics Julian Clary, Graham Norton, and Rhona Cameron; drag queen Lily Savage, aka Paul O'Grady; political analysts Matthew Parris and Bea Campbell; actors Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry; and pop stars Elton John, George Michael, Boy George, and Stephen Gately.

In popular drama series, a gay or a lesbian regular character is almost essential for a good conduct medal. In 2001 even the cop series The Bill began employing a gay police officer in its Sun Hill police station, sixteen years after the show began. Coronation Street is the only holdout: no gay or lesbian sightings in its forty plus years of existence. However, the series does feature a (male to female) character who was recently granted that ultimate soap opera accolade: the big wedding.

Not just one but two gay men were included in the second British edition of the wildly successful reality TV show Big Brother (2001), one of whom won the contest by a substantial margin; a lesbian had been a "housemate" in the first one.


British television's nearly 80-year history has, until recently, embraced lesbians and gays as Them rather than Us. With the rise of "niche television," a much more demanding gay and lesbian audience, and many more openly gay and lesbian people working in all aspects of television, an appetite for a more diversified and nuanced approach to all kinds of sexuality is surely about to be satisfied.

While, for some, British television has assiduously opened up dialogue and debate since the 1960s, for others the medium remains one dimensional and sensationalist, with gays and lesbians presented mainly as figures of fun, or mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

In truth, British television has consistently worked to broaden knowledge of the human condition. Many talented people, of all sexual hues, have labored--sometimes at considerable risk--to present a balanced view of a marginalized sexuality.

Television's contribution to gay culture has still not been properly researched or promoted, despite the best efforts of Keith Howes (whose thousand-page, three thousand-entry encyclopaedia of gay television and radio, Broadcasting It, was published in 1993) and of Stephen Bourne, who has presented gay and lesbian plays, variety shows, soap opera tributes and documentaries each July at London's National Film Theatre since 1992.

Despite the teeming and relatively welcoming queer landscape at present on display on British television, the innate insularity and knee-jerk conservatism of the British Isles should never be underestimated. For more than a few diehard Little Englanders, queers remain resolutely mired in the mirthful piping of Are You Being Served? and the dangerous depths of political agitation for more "recruitment" of children and teenagers as represented by the ubiquitous activist Peter Tatchell on news flashes and discussion programs.

Keith G. Howes

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Howes, Keith G. Broadcasting It : An Encyclopaedia of Homosexuality on Film, Radio and TV in the UK, 1923-1993. London: Cassell, 1993.

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