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Comedy: Stand-Up, Lesbian  
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Although many lesbian comics are still closeted onstage, there are now many out lesbian stand-up comics who perform regularly in cities from Seattle to Provincetown. Comedians such as Karen Williams, Lynn Lavner, Gail Hand, Julie Goldman, Lisa Koch, and Georgia Ragsdale give voice to the humor in the lesbian condition and crack jokes as a means to make serious and sometimes poignant observations about the lesbian experience.

In addition, comedy troupes such as Hysterical Women and Five Lesbian Brothers perform skits and improvisational comedy with a lesbian focus. Many comedy clubs in cities with large gay and lesbian populations have weekly gay comedy nights. Every day new lesbian stand-up comics are born as women continue to take the stage and try to achieve the age old goal of comedy--to translate pain into laughter.

Tina Gianoulis

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