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Gold, Ari (b. 1977)  
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After interviewing and photographing Gold for AXM Magazine, Boy George chose Gold as the spokesmodel for George's clothing line RUDE.

Gold's 12-month Calendar features photos of him by famous photographers and a cover designed by illustrator Joe Phillips. The Calendar is a best-selling item at Gold's online fan store at, and it has been featured in Heeb Magazine's Jewgayica.

In 2005, Gold released Ari Gold: The Photobook, a 96-page, hardcover, coffee-table book available in 25 countries. It comes with a limited edition Remix CD called The Remixes, Gold's first full-length remix album.

The album was named the #2 Best Independent Release of 2005. The CD includes new dance mixes of the club and video hit "Wave of You," "He's on My Team," "Funk That Ship," and "Bashert (Meant to Be)," as well as new mixes of "Love Will Take Over."

In 2007, Gold released his third studio album Transport Systems. The songs on this album are about such topics as the down low, gay relationships, crystal meth addiction, gender identity, and spirituality.

The lead single, "Where the Music Takes You," became #1 on Sirius Radio, a Top 40 HOT AC hit, and a Top 40 Billboard Dance hit. The Joe Phillips video of the song was the #1 Video of the Year on LOGO.

The reviewer of the album for People Magazine observed that "Gold takes the listener to fresh places" ; while the reviewer for All Music Guide noted that "Ari Gold stands out from the pack . . . specializing in R&B electro dance sounds that are a pleasant surprise."

In 2008, Gold contributed an essay to Mitchell Gold and Mindy Drucker's book Crisis: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay in America. In his essay, Gold reminisces about growing up Orthodox and gay, ruefully observing, "Once I decided I didn't want to hide anymore, and be fully who I am, I realized that isn't allowed in this religion that I loved so much."

He also discusses the frustration he has experienced in the music industry because of his sexuality. Record executives and producers, both straight and gay, told Gold an openly gay artist would never sell records. They advised him to "get established first and then come out of the closet."

Gold's interest in cinema may lead him to other directions in the years ahead. In 1997, he supervised the music and performed his song "See Through Me" in Latin Boys Go to Hell, a low-budget, comic drama directed by Ela Troyana. More recently, he served as music supervisor for IFC's documentary Fabulous: The Story of Queer Cinema, a made-for-cable documentary directed by Lesli Klainberg and Lisa Ades in 2006.

Gold contributes generously to gay causes, including Human Rights Campaign, Soulforce, Gay Men's Health Crisis, and the Bailey House, among others.

As for being a gay artist, Gold says he sees his gayness as a gift. "As long as my friends are being beaten on the street, as long as there are still kids killing themselves because of shame, and as long as we are still fighting for our basic civil and human rights, I will continue to shout from the queer roof tops. Feminism taught us that the personal is political. And in art, it is the specificity of our experiences that is universal."

Victoria Shannon

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