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Leifer, Carol (b. 1956)  
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Alright Already was well received by critics but suffered from shuffling of time-slots and weak lead-in shows. It was dropped by the network after only one season.

Leifer was also a force behind The Ellen Show (2001-02), serving as both writer and executive producer of the short-lived second vehicle for Ellen DeGeneres, who had courageously come out during the run of her previous series.

Leifer has written and produced episodes of numerous other series and also provided material for the Academy Awards shows in 2004, 2005, and 2007.

She is also a writer and co-executive producer of the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement, which debuted in 2007 and was recently renewed for a fifth season. In addition, she has continued to make guest appearances doing comedy on various shows.

Leifer had a life-changing experience when, at the age of forty, she met and was attracted to Lori Wolf, a realtor. "I did go into [the relationship] thinking this would be a fun fling and a great story and brief," she stated to Rachel Dowd of The Advocate. "The last thing I expected was to fall in love with this person," she said, but that is what happened.

Shortly thereafter, Leifer had a serious health scare when a mammogram revealed a potentially cancerous tumor. Although the growth was determined to be benign, it needed to be removed, and Leifer went back home to New York for the surgery, accompanied by Wolf, whom she introduced to her family as a friend lending support.

It was some months before Leifer came out to her parents. "The agony was feeling that being gay would disappoint them," she told Dowd, but in the event, they were entirely supportive. Leifer recalled her mother's words: "Finding love is a gift from God. There should be tears of joy here."

Leifer felt that it was helpful that Wolf—unlike her ex-husband Shydner—was Jewish. "Add a thousand points," she quipped to Dowd.

Neither woman was particularly observant of religion at that time. Leifer had rarely attended temple in her youth. Her father, who had been brought up and educated in an extremely strict Orthodox manner, had fallen away from the practice of religion, "and yet," wrote Leifer, "if I was asked for one word to describe my father, it would be 'Jewish.' Somehow the joy of his faith still shone through."

Both Leifer and Wolf decided to commit to Judaism by being bat mitzvahed, an event that usually takes place when girls are thirteen. Leifer was forty-seven.

Leifer's beloved father died just three weeks before the bat mitzvah, but at the ceremony Leifer wore the tallis, a prayer shawl, that he had worn at his own bar mitzvah in 1930, and, she wrote, "it felt like his hands on my shoulders."

In 2007 Leifer and Wolf added to their family by adopting a ten-month-old Latino boy. They retained his given name at birth, Bruno, but at his brit chayim, the naming ceremony for a Jewish child, they honored the larger family of which he had become a part by calling him Shmuel Chaim Baruch, incorporating the Hebrew names of Leifer's father and Wolf's grandfather, respectively, along with the word meaning blessing.

While the Leifer and Wolf household had previously included only two persons, there were numerous other inhabitants. Prior to becoming partners with Wolf, Leifer had never had a pet, but their life as a couple began with two cats and a dog. Since then, the menagerie has changed and grown to as many as seven dogs, and Leifer, initially hesitant to have furry companions, has become their devoted champion. She and Wolf have brought many—especially older animals with lower chances of being adopted—into their home, and Leifer makes frequent appearances at benefits for animal charities.

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