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Miller, Tim (b. 1958)  
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Critic Charles Isherwood called Miller "a frisky and charismatic performer" and found in Us "a sweet-spirited, honest, and seriously funny commentary on the power of popular art to shape people's moral, social, and sexual development."

Miller is fully cognizant of that power, and so he frequently gives workshops when he is on tour in order to help aspiring artists find their voices. He has also taught college courses at California State University-Los Angeles and UCLA, where he is an adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of Theater, Film and Television.

Miller won a 2006 Lambda Literary Award for 1001 Beds, a collection of performance scripts, essays, interviews, and journal entries. The collection illustrates vividly the way his performance pieces and his gay activism are inextricably linked.

In a 2002 interview Miller spoke of the relationship between him and his audience: "I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be telling these tales of sex and love and loss and hope. While I hope my shows have emboldened and entertained my audience, the truth is the thousands and thousands of people who have seen my shows have also totally inspired me with their courage."

Linda Rapp

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