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Music and AIDS  
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The most important figure in avant-garde circles--and probably the most important figure in music about AIDS--is vocalist/composer/performer Diamanda Galás. She has been creating works about AIDS since before the death of her brother, writer Philip-Dimitri Galás, in 1986. The most important of her works include the Plague Mass (1984) and the three-part Masque of the Red Death (1986-88), both of which exemplify her combination of savagely visceral texts with extraordinary vocalizations and complex musical textures.

Other women composers who have written avant-garde works include Meredith Monk (New York Requiem, 1993), Laurie Anderson (Love among the Sailors, 1994), and Pauline Oliveros (Epigraphs in the Time of AIDS, 1994).

Works by gay men include Gerhard Stäbler's Warnung mit Liebeslied (1986), Robert Moran's minimalist Requiem: Chant du cygne (1990), and Bob Ostertag's powerful All The Rage (1993), recorded by the Kronos Quartet.

Artist/writer David Wojnarowicz worked on many collaborative pieces of which one of the most "musical" was ITSOFOMO, written with composer Ben Neill (1989).

The health crisis has directly affected the musical world as much as other areas of the arts. Among many musicians who have died are Klaus Nomi (1944-1983), Calvin Hampton (1938-1984), Sylvester (1947-1988), Freddie Mercury (1946-1991), Michael Callen (1954-1993), and Robert Savage (1951-1993).

Outside the urban West, protest and educational musics referring to AIDS have appeared in Mexico, South Africa, and (undoubtedly) many other countries. Limited distribution networks and language barriers have kept most from becoming available to English-speaking audiences. An exception is AIDS: How Could I Know? (1989), a bilingual recording produced by the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association.

Despite the range of genres and works, there has been less music written about AIDS than there has been production in other art forms. This fact may be attributable to the strictures of the music industry, or to aspects of the nature of music.

Still, it is perhaps not too much to claim that the evident increase during the 1980s and 1990s in musical works that focused on grief, sympathy, or healing, some of which can be associated with "new age" music, is rooted in cultural changes that came out of the AIDS crisis.

Paul Attinello

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