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Second Outgames

The second Outgames was held in Copenhagen from July 25 to August 2, 2009. It was one of the largest international sports and cultural events ever held in Denmark, with some 8,000 participants.

The 2nd International Conference on LGBT Human Rights, held in conjunction with Outgames, was co-chaired by Rebeca Sevilla and Svend Robinson and included keynote speakers such as John Amaechi, Virginia Apuzzo, Axel Axgil, Georgina Beyer, and Cleve Jones, among many others.

Third Outgames

The third Outgames was hosted by Antwerp in the summer of 2013.

The future of the Outgames appears bright, due in large measure to the excellent organization of its governing body, GLISA. Marshaling the support of governments, corporate sponsors, sports federations, and some 5,200 volunteers, GLISA put on extremely well-run games in Montreal. Athletes were impressed by all aspects of their experience, from venues and officiating to scheduling and transportation.

The Canadian--especially Montreal--press and broadcast media provided extensive coverage of the first Outgames. Unfortunately, however, the events went virtually unreported in the United States despite the fact that the American delegation was second in size only to the host nation's.

At the closing ceremony of the first world Outgames, Tewksbury stated, "The Olympics ask us to be better athletes, but the Outgames ask us to be better human beings." By combining the pursuit of athletic excellence with the joyous celebration of community and culture as well as the commitment to work for the full civil rights of glbtq people around the globe, the Outgames did just that.

Linda Rapp

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