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Pornographic Film and Video: Gay Male  
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DVD technology improved and many companies began to re-release older products in this new format (and to release newer features in both VHS and DVD formats).

Entire niche markets developed for specialized tastes. Fetish videos involving spanking or fisting became available. So did products focusing on older models, various ethnicities, solo videos, and bondage and discipline, among many others. Softcore gained a greater presence through the work of companies such as Greenwood-Cooper and 10%.

Although for most performers pornography remained a brief sideline business in which they dabbled for only a couple of years, some such as Eric Evans, Jake Andrews, and Chip Daniels were able to maintain relatively long and stable careers in sex work, both in front of the camera and behind it.

For others video porn was used as advertising for the prostitution (or "escorting," as it was euphemistically known) that was their primary source of income. Performing as a stripper in nightclubs was another profitable job that could develop from a career in pornography.

Moreover, the gay porn world became its own subculture within a subculture, boasting its own awards shows, pantheon of stars and directors, and a strong and open connection to the gay culture that was both its market and its source of inspiration.

By 2000 gay male pornography was thoroughly integrated into gay life in a way that straight pornography has never been in the majority culture. Gay porn actors became cultural heroes, their images sometimes gracing giant billboards in gay ghettos in Houston and Los Angeles. They made public appearances at important social functions, and organized and attended high-profile fundraisers, especially for AIDS causes.

Today the gay subculture openly accepts--sometimes even revels in--pornography. Because gay sexual identity is already marked as "deviant" by the mainstream, it is hard for most gay men to see the enjoyment of pornography as marginalizing or problematic.

With the majority of gay men regarding pornography positively, the gay male community has not been polarized by the bitter debates over pornography that has sometimes divided lesbian communities.

Indeed, gay men at the turn into the twenty-first century at least in part use pornography in a way similar to the way earlier generations of gay men used a camp sensibility: as a means of asserting their identity by flouting and mocking the arbitrary standards of the majority.

Joe A. Thomas

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