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Young, Will (b. 1979)  
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Young also works with organizations that aid persons with learning disabilities and women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Young has become increasingly vocal in his support for glbtq rights. While the reception of the public to his coming out was generally positive, he stated to Cavendish, "I have had remarks shouted at me, and although I have grown accustomed to it, it can still be quite frightening."

He is particularly concerned about the effect that such experiences could have on glbtq youth, and he hopes that his cross-generational appeal may ease the way for some young people. He commented to Ros Wynne-Jones of The Mirror in 2004, "Maybe it helps gay teenagers if their mums fancy me? They can think, well, I could bring Will Young home and mum would probably thank me."

He hopes for a more hospitable environment for glbtq youth in the wider society as well. He declared to Cavendish, "I am incensed about the way people use the word gay to mean something awful. School kids do it all the time. 'That's so gay.' I really want teachers to be aware of this and to point out the negative connotations" of such hurtful comments.

Although Young is guarded about his personal life, in his 2009 article for The Observer (where he was described as "single" after he and his boyfriend of several years had ended their relationship), he revealed that he had a difficult time accepting his homosexuality and did not have his first reciprocated relationship until he was 25.

"When I met my first boyfriend, Aaron, I'd already become known from Pop Idol," he revealed. "You have to deal with all the normal stuff in relationships and then there's the media attention on top of that. He was getting grief and it was tough." His relationship with his ex-boyfriend Connor was also affected by the glare of publicity, although, Young added, "I think it's a cop-out to blame fame for making relationships hard. Relationships are difficult full stop."

After acknowledging the difficulties he has had in his relationships, Young concluded: "I've had a wonderful time in my relationships, really; done amazing things. And as much as you go through a grieving process after a relationship ends, you know that eventually you'll want that again."

Linda Rapp

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