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  Contributor Biography:  Joyce M. Youmans 
Joyce M. Youmans is Curatorial Assistant in the Department of African Art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. She curated the exhibition "Another Africa." Her article "African Art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art" appears in African Arts. Her research interests include contemporary Western and African art, the abject in visual art, and pragmatist aesthetics.

Entries by Joyce M. Youmans

arts >> African Art: Contemporary

Bulelwa Madekurozwa and Rotimi Fani-Kayode are the most prominent of contemporary openly gay African artists who produce work with homosexual themes.

arts >> Akerman, Chantal

Innovative Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman creates films that are at once experimental and personal and that often feature lesbian content.

arts >> Australian Art

Historically, Australia has produced some important gay and lesbian artists, but only recently have openly glbtq artists felt comfortable in Australia.

arts >> European Art: Twentieth Century

A large number of significant twentieth-century European artists focused on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender themes, making such concerns crucial to the understanding of twentieth-century European art.

arts >> French, Jared

Dissatisfied with merely describing the material world, American painter Jared French devised a pictorial language to explore human unconsciousness and its relation to sexuality.

arts >> Gleeson, James

One of Australia's most acclaimed artists, James Gleeson embraced surrealism early in his career and has remained committed to it as a means of exploring and expressing psychological conflicts and conditions.

arts >> Hodgkins, Frances

New Zealand artist Frances Hodgkins, after early success as a watercolorist, became one of the leading artists of British modernism.

arts >> Khakhar, Bhupen

Contemporary Indian artist Bhupen Khakhar has earned an international reputation for paintings that are explicitly homosexual in theme, but that also address universal human needs.

arts >> Latin American Art

Gay and lesbian Latin American artists frequently use their art to portray their desire for sexual and political liberation, often combining traditional subject matter with personal symbols and insights to stress their longing for acceptance.

arts >> Latina/Latino American Art

Latina/Latino lesbian and gay artists often confront, with a peculiarly personal urgency, the crucial issues of gender, sexuality, and acceptance that have obsessed American culture generally in the past several decades.

arts >> Native American Art

In North American Indian cultures, mixed-gender individuals were depicted in a variety of art forms and, in many tribes, were themselves among the most accomplished artists of their communities.

arts >> New Zealand Art

New Zealand is widely known for its diverse artistic production, which includes work by painters, filmmakers, dancers, and singers.

arts >> Pacific Art

The art of the Pacific cultures that practiced male homosexuality in a ritual context included flutes, bullroarers, and woven textiles used in male initiations and other ceremonies.

arts >> Tuke, Henry Scott

British artist Henry Scott Tuke created works that celebrate the beauty of male youth, as well as the artist's lifelong love of the sea, swimming, and sailing.

arts >> Walker, Ethel

British painter Dame Ethel Walker is best known for her portraits of women and for a series of works based on generic mythological themes. is produced by glbtq, Inc., 1130 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL   60607
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