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  Contributor Biography:  Gert Hekma 
Gert Hekma teaches gay and lesbian studies in the department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He is editor of several books on gay history and sociology, including (with Kent Gerard ) The Pursuit of Sodomy, (with Harry Oosterhuis and James D. Steakley) Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left, and (with Franz X. Eder and Lesley Hall) Sexual Cultures in Europe. In the spring of 2004 his book on Dutch gay male history, M/M, will be published.

Entries by Gert Hekma

social sciences >> Amsterdam

Famous as a major gay tourist destination and for its tolerance of glbtq people, in the second half of the twentieth century Amsterdam became a leader in the struggle for glbtq equality.

arts >> Dutch Friendship Glasses

Dutch friendship glasses, which were made on order to celebrate friendship in the eighteenth century, may also have covertly celebrated same-sex sexual desire; one surviving friendship glass celebrates sodomitical pleasure.

social sciences >> The Netherlands

The successes of the Dutch emancipation movement have served as an inspiration to the international struggle for glbtq equality.

social sciences >> Sexual Citizenship

The concept of sexual citizenship draws attention to the political aspects of erotics and the sexual component of politics. is produced by glbtq, Inc., 1130 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL   60607
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