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  Contributor Biography:  Carol A. Snively 
Carol A. Snively is Assistant Professor of Social Work at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her research area includes youth and community development, effective helping strategies for sexual minority youth, and the use of art making as a tool in community organization. Her most recent community practice and research projects have focused on understanding how sexual minority teens experience their communities and participate in community betterment activities. Prior to her academic career, Snively practiced for 15 years as a registered/board certified art therapist and social worker with youth and their families in mental health and addiction treatment.

Entries by Carol A. Snively

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Gay-straight alliances are youth-led, school- or community-based groups designed to assist glbtq students, children from glbtq families, and heterosexual students who want to be allies of their glbtq peers. is produced by glbtq, Inc., 1130 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL   60607
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