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 Topic: Young Adult Gay Lit

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Joined: 07 May 2005
Posts: 1

Physical Location: Savannah Georgia

Posted: 7 May 2005, 9:56 am    Post subject: Young Adult Gay Lit Reply with quote

i'm a highschooler and i was wondering if anyone could suggest any books in the young adult genre? i've read one of the "Rainbow High" books and "Boy Meets Boy" and a few others.
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Joined: 11 Jun 2005
Posts: 40
Interests: Writer, Champion of the underdogs, Lay Minister, Registered Massage Therapy, playing pool, dancing, gardening
Physical Location: Galveston,Texas,USA

Posted: 12 Jun 2005, 3:23 pm    Post subject: A possible book for you Reply with quote

Hi, I have a book coming out that is not fiction but you might find it interesting. I actually am hoping to get young people to talk about it. The book is called "Awakenings in an Age of Angels". The book can be found at: click on bookstore. The core of the book is "Reconciler Gospel of Thomas" by Angel Eliza. There is a verse 114 that Affirms that LGBTQ people are not just ok but special and important in the eyes of God. You can see that verse on my webpage:
There is lots of references in the entire text of Reconciler that relates directly to modern ideas. If you would like the entire text e-mail me and I will give it to you for free. Even if you are not religious, it would give you amunition when discussing with right wingers.

I just thought of a book that is about a girl coming out the hard way, with a happy ending. It is called "Oranges are not the only fruit" by Jeanette Winterson. I laughed and cried reading it.

There are two other books that you might like if you like mysteries. They are "Murder at the nightwood bar" by Katherine V. Forrest. If you like that one I'll tell you about a couple of others by her.
The other one is "The Burnton widows" by Vicki P. McConnell. She also has several books if you like those.
Well, take care of yourself, talk later,
Angel Eliza (Sword)
I have published a book that Affirms that God Loves GLBT. Get a free Reconciler Gospel of Thomas.The pot of Gold was the last verse 114.
Verse 114 is on my website.
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Joined: 30 May 2005
Posts: 3
Interests: Jogging, clubbing, reading
Physical Location: London

Posted: 6 Jul 2005, 1:08 am    Post subject: Books For Gay and Lesbian Youth Reply with quote

I know have a huge list of glbt books suitable for young adults.
I've only read 2 of the listings: far from maddy and morgan in the mirror. I wish my high school library had stocked them like 5 years ago.
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