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 Topic: used as examples of intimidation...

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Joined: 01 Sep 2005
Posts: 2

Physical Location: Cincinnati, ohio

Posted: 1 Sep 2005, 10:52 am    Post subject: used as examples of intimidation... Reply with quote

I watched a documentary, that I got from my Netfilx subscription yesterday, that I recomened you see, if your at all interested in human right, gay rights, or how low humanity can sink.

Its called Living Dangerously:comming out in the developing world. This documentary came out before the two young boys in iran were hanged becasue they were gay.I know that there were stories in the news afterwords trying to smear the boys names but, I for one don't belive it.I really truely belive those young boys were hanged because they were gay.

I'd really like to know what the parents feel/did/ or felt about their kids being hanged.Do they agree that "it was best for them" that "they deserved it"?I still can't belive they got away with hanging these kids.thier dead, because they're gay.In the documantry is is a common belief, in some of the developing worlds, that homosexuality is a "westernized" concept, that homosexuals don't live in places in africa, or india, or the middle east.

In the documentry is was said, pretty much, that, in the 90's, in many of the developing countries that there was an increase in homosexual visability.More and more people were comming out and more and more talk was being done about homosexuals. These boys were hanged as examples to the other gay and lesbian youth of that and other countries saying, basically "we don't want to see homosexuals in our country" "we don't want to know that your here" "we don't like you because your diffrent"

Basically trying to push homosexuals back into the closet and lock the door.It just sickens me to see the depths humanity will sink to try and opress others.Do they think that if they hang two young boys or arrest young men on a boat/nightclub and torture them that they will rid their country of homosexuals?!?!?

I just hope that the glbt people of those regions don't get intimidated.President Bush hasn't said not one word on this subject, or about the boys hanging, or about the cairo 52, NOTHING?!?! I can say, for sure, that if Clinton was still president he would have come out and at least denounce or criticize these actions.President Bush?!?! where is he?!?! well he's on vacation, trying to ignore a womans pleas to speak with him about her dead son who died because of a war he was fighting to supposedly protect human rights.NOT ONE WORD?!?!

By the way, the two boys that were hanged in iraq for "crimes of being gay" well, their names were Mahmoud Asgari who was about 15 yrs. old and Ayaz Marhoni, who was about 16 yrs. old. I just think we should use their names and remember they were just kids, and first and fore most, humans.I posted two links below on the two stories for you to check out...
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Joined: 03 Mar 2003
Posts: 57
Interests: History, the Web
Physical Location: Chicago

Posted: 1 Sep 2005, 11:47 am    Post subject: Re: used as examples of intimidation... Reply with quote

Living Dangerously

A great film. So often, documentaries plod along like the educational films we had to watch in school, but this film is so gripping and the subject is so important that it has to rank as one of the greats of queer documentary.

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