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 Topic: Shut Up! I'm Talking Here

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Joined: 21 Feb 2005
Posts: 40

Posted: 2 Oct 2005, 7:31 pm    Post subject: Shut Up! I'm Talking Here Reply with quote

Shut Up! I'm Talking Here

850 People Care. The Rest of You Are Lazy Dim Wits
By Michael Bach

850 people. That’s it. No more. Sad really.

In May I started a petition. It was simple:

“To show support to Kraft Foods for their support of the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago in response to the American Family Association’s Boycott.”

You may recall that the AFA – our dear friends who’s sole purpose is to spread hate and ignorance – called for a boycott against our ‘real’ friends at Kraft Foods because they were supporting the Gay Games. The boycott continues today as the AFA calls upon its millions of members to punish Kraft for their support.

A corresponding article I wrote appeared in several publications around the US and Canada, not to mention all over the internet. I was so passionate about the issue that I even waived my writer’s fee to get the article published. I wanted people to get involved. I wanted people to know what was going on. I wanted to inspire.

Not only that, I sent emails to everyone who signed the petition, asking them to tell their friends to do the same.


Apparently it didn’t work. To date, months after its inception, the petition has received 850 electronic signatures. I find that very discouraging. Don’t people care any more? Have we, as a community, become so complaisant that we’re willing to sit back and watch while our rights are trampled on by the most ignorant people in our society?

According to the AFA, over 250,000 people have contacted Kraft asking them to pull their support of the Gay Games. Now, granted, it’s hard to believe an organization that thinks Bill O’Reilly is too lenient on queers, but still. Even if they’re close, our response is pretty pathetic.


Our community is incredibly diverse. The Gay Games is only one of thousands of different community based organizations that rely on the support of large corporations to keep going. Beer and liquor companies have something tangible to justify their support with – sales. They can easily see how much we count for in their bottom line. Companies like Kraft can’t. It’s not like we have ‘gay’ super markets. We are forced to shop amongst ‘those’ people. Now there’s an idea. A gay grocery store. Gives new meaning to the concept of a ‘meat market’.

In order for them to see the results of their investment, we need to tell them. Loud and clear. Thank you.


The right are inspired. It may be inspiration by fear, but at least they’re inspired. Even if it’s out of sheer panic, brought on by ignorance and lies, they get out of bed every morning moved to do something to quash the homosexual ‘agenda’. Since when do we have an agenda? I’m still waiting on the minutes from the last meeting.

It’s about time someone had the nerve to tell us off. And by us, I include myself. I try to do my part, but it’s not enough. It will never be enough. There is no limit to what we can and must do. The end is when we have equal rights. The end is when Pats Robertson and Buchanan go on Larry King and talk about how great homos are.

Prove me wrong: Sign the petition. Go to and add your name to the list of 850 people who had the fortitude to do ‘something’ to help our community. When the list reaches 100,000 I will willing publish an article telling everyone how wrong I am, and that the members of the LGBT community – my queer brothers and sisters – are actively fighting for our rights. Hell, I’ll even dance naked on Larry King myself. Now there’s a threat.

Until then, you’re all lazy dim wits.

Love you. Mean it.

© Michael Bach, All Rights Reserved

Article provided by For more information, contact us at

Michael Bach is a Toronto based writer whose work has appeared in various publications across Canada and the US. His weekly column appears in Nashville's Church Street Freedom Press. You can learn more about him at his website -
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