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Joined: 14 Feb 2007
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Interests: Literature
Physical Location: Caribou, Maine

Posted: 14 Feb 2007, 6:25 pm    Post subject: VATICAN CONSPIRACY THEORY Reply with quote

BookSurge LLC, An company
5341 Dorchester Road Suite 16, Charleston, South Carolina 29418
Victim of Clergy Abuse Empowers Readers to Take Action
Eric Bepots gives a revealing look into the AIDS pandemic and the Vatican's role in
contributing to this unparalleled human disaster in Vatican Conspiracy Theory
PHOENIX, ARIZONA Ė In Vatican Conspiracy Theory author Eric Bepots reveals
alarming information about the high rate of HIV and Pedophilia found within the
Catholic Clergy and shares statistics that lend credibility to the various claims of abuse
that have come into the limelight. However, if the Clergy is truly so corrupt that they are
perpetuating the spread of a deadly virus and preying on young victims, why hasnít this
crisis led to a public outcry?
According to Bepots, who has conducted considerable research on this issue, personal
injury attorneys have been conspiring with the Catholic Church by misrepresenting
victims of the infected predators and keeping these instances out of the courtroom.
Bepots, however, is not just another reporter with a story about the existing sexual abuse
allegations surrounding the Catholic Church; rather, he is an actual victim who has
witnessed the severity and depth of the corruption firsthand. Bepots hopes that his story
will empower other victims to take a stand against their aggressors and that all readers
will feel the need to force appropriate legislative action from their respective
representatives. In his book, Bepots also encourages readers to support federal legislation
that will give all victims of sexual abuse the legal right to know their abuserís HIV status.
For more information, please contact the author at 602-320-1863 or
Vatican Conspiracy Theory is available for sale online at,, and
through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.
About the Author
Vatican Conspiracy Theory is the first in a series of books by Eric Bepots, designed to
educate and empower readers to become more active in government. His travels during
the past decade have led him to recognize that, as citizens, people are more similar than
they are different and are still capable of uniting to stamp out corruption in society. He
currently resides in Arizona.
About BookSurge
BookSurge LLC, an company, is a pioneer in self-publishing and print-ondemand
services. Offering unique publishing opportunities and access for authors,
BookSurge boasts an unprecedented number of authors whose work has resulted in book
deals with traditional publishers as well as successful authorpreneurs who enhance or
build a business from their professional expertise.
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