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 Topic: Male Love Among the English Romantics

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Joined: 22 Feb 2008
Posts: 2
Interests: Gay history, English Romanticism, AIDS criticism, classical music.
Physical Location: Dorchester, MA

Posted: 22 Feb 2008, 9:40 pm    Post subject: Male Love Among the English Romantics Reply with quote

Greetings to all. This is my first post to this forum.

I've added a section, "Male Love Among The Romantics", to my
personal website. The URL is:

(The URL is case sensitive.)

The lead article, "Hellenism and Homoeroticism in Shelley
and his Circle", was published as a chapter in the book, _Same-Sex
Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical
Tradition of the West_ (ed. Beert Verstraete and Vernon Provencal,
_Same-Sex Desire..._ is now available as a Google Book on
the Internet, *but with pages missing!* I'm not happy about this,
so I've made it available on my site.

The article, "Shelley's Ashes", argues that the ashes of
Percy Bysshe Shelley were mixed with those of his beloved friend,
Edward Ellerker Williams, with whom he died in a boating accident.

This article has a link to another article, "Achilles &
Patroklos", which is an excerpt from Edward Carpenter's book,
_Iol„us: An Anthology of Friendship_ (1902).

The article, "Homoeroticism in Epipsychidion", is a gay
reading of Shelley's most erotic poem.

Finally, "Sleeping Venus", an excerpt from Thomas Love
Peacock's satirical novel, _Crochet's Castle_, which has a lively
debate on the Uranian vs. Pandemian Venus, and comments on the low
status of Plato in early 19th century British academia.
John Lauritsen, Independent Scholar.
Author: *The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein* (2007).
- *A Freethinker's Primer of Male Love* (1998).
Co-author: *The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935)* (1974/1995).
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