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 Topic: Queer History Communities on Tribe & Orkut.

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Joined: 03 Mar 2003
Posts: 33
Interests: Queer History and Biography
Physical Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Posted: 4 Feb 2004, 9:42 am    Post subject: Queer History Communities on Tribe & Orkut. Reply with quote

(Wow, traffic is starting to pick up in here... that's great)

...if any of you here on the message boards wish to sign on to the following social software networks, I can extend an invitation and help you get connected (some of you have already done so; if you wish to add me to your personal network, it's:

First name: Ryan
Last name: Schultz

for all three of,, and Google's new service Orkut (which is brand new and by invitation only).

To describe them briefly: Tribe, with about 70,000 members, has a sort of San Francisco laid-back community feel to it, with lots and lots of discussion groups (one of the biggest is for the Burning Man tribe). Very queer-friendly, multiple queer tribes.

Friendster is 6-million-member free-for-all, the focus is on dating/flirting/making new friends (or creating new false identities: "Fakesters"), but there are NO discussion groups. The Friendster servers are straining under the load, so service can be slow at times. Average age of friendsters is 18-22.

Orkut (the new kid on the block) is Google's answer to Friendster, just launched in January 2004, and it's currently a small site (about 30,000 people) who can post more detailed profiles if they wish, and set up and join as many communities as they like. Looks promising. Queer-friendly and geek-friendly.

There are Queer History communities on both and neither of which has anything like the traffic on yet! (I created the Queer History community on Orkut; someone else created the Queer History tribe on, which has been around a few months longer.)

If you're interested, want to help establish a few more queer beach-heads in cyberspace :-) , and if you want to explore the new social software scene, please send me a message here, and I will extend you an invitation to the community/ies of your choice. I will need:

1. Your first name
2. Your last name
3. The email address you'll be using to subscribe (I suggest you create a new one just for this purpose).

See you online!
Ryan Schultz, Reference Librarian
University of Manitoba Libraries
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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