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 Topic: Welcome to the History Board

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Joined: 01 Feb 2003
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Posted: 22 Feb 2004, 12:02 pm    Post subject: Welcome to the History Board Reply with quote

Welcome to the History board. Discussions related to glbtq history in any region at any time are welcome here.

Only members may post messages on glbtq's discussion boards. Membership is free, and you may join by clicking the "Join Today" link in the green login box in the left column of this page.
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Joined: 17 Oct 2004
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Interests: I am a slave master to a man who is trainable and enjoys serving his master. Interested in talking to others who are into this or interested. Always looking for other Masters to compare notes. Gay male slaves or those who think they might want to be one.
Physical Location: Chicago, IL

Posted: 18 Oct 2004, 6:53 pm    Post subject: Getting together at the Greyhound Bus Station - 1970 Reply with quote

Before there was such a strong gay and lesbian community there were bars in back alleys and some gay outlets. If you knew someone who was gay and he could take you to parties you would begin to learn your way around. In 1970, a popular place to meet other men was at the Greyhound Bus Station. This was true in almost every large city in the USA. There was plenty of anonymous sex in the stalls. Many gay men were ashamed of themselves in those days. I remember at 16 (1970) after having a sexual experience with an older man. He told me to get out of the gay life. It was not a decent life and I would probably be better off marrying a nice girl. Of course, today we realize that marrying to avoid our sexuality is disastrous and just doesn't work anymore. Women expect more equality in their marriages and men enjoy different relationships with their wives. The thing I remember most was the shame in these men's faces. They experienced a fleeting release by giving head or receiving head and then ran off to pretend they were like everybody else. We have come a long way. The part of our history that makes me happy is to see the Pride parades every summer and great chorus'. There were plenty of couples back then as well. They didn't dare touch each other in public. They would walk side by side but generally behave as if they were friends from work.
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