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 Topic: Kabbalah and GLBTQ's

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Joined: 20 Feb 2004
Posts: 5
Interests: i am a 18 year old advocate for GLBTQ youth **Chaque fois que tu ton va, je pretend que tu fais bein!!*** I am also a model. I have modeled for Prada, Tommy H., Gucci, and Narsisco Rodriguez.
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Posted: 23 Feb 2004, 6:41 am    Post subject: Kabbalah and GLBTQ's Reply with quote

i was wondering.... Since Kabbalah forbids any kind of Homosexuality as does most religions, how would you still follow it? Kabbalah isn't really a taught religion as for example Baptists or methodists religions are but instead it's a spiritual journey you have to come to realize. basically it's your divine rights given to you by god and how to get there through the teachings and the rules of the universe. someone please pm me with the answer to my question... thanx alot!

--Eric N Va[/quote]
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Joined: 04 Jun 2005
Posts: 1
Interests: Zen. Philosophy. Love. Art.
Physical Location: northwest of Uk

Posted: 4 Jun 2005, 6:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have to admit i know very little about Kabballah, so don't quote me as gospel (no pun intended).
I have read a few of Alisteir Crowley's works and know that a large amount of his 'great work' was focussed on the teachings of the kabballah. In fact, a massive amount of his works are involved with, or use systems taken from this school of mysticism.
Aleister Crowley was famed for his homosexual relations, and yet still seemed able to quite successfully (according to his accounts) use the kabbalic system.
This leads me to beleive that any admonishment of homosexuality within kabbalism (as with any admonishment of homosexuality/sexuality as a whole within mystic practices) is largely arbitrary.
I repeat that i have little aquaintance with the system, and so cannot speak with authority on kaballah. However, i am aware that nearly every system of mysticism/spirituality has been 'marred' with the personal preferences/social norms of its practitioners and teachers.
As all systems have as an aim the ideal of reaching the 'true self', it would seem a little nonsensical to ban a certain 'realm' of selfhood. Surely, if you are queer, you need to recognise and affirm that part of your self instead of deny and repress it. If it turns out that you aren't queer, then you'll just find that out in the natural course of your studies; there is no need to ban you homosexuality.

As a student under a gay zen master, i feel that any mystico-spiritual path that denies any portion of selfhood, let alone queerness is, at best flawed and at worst damaging to the follower of the chosen path.

If you are a part of a 'church' or studying under a teacher which forbids homosexuality, i would be very wary and consider seeking a teacher/church that welcomes homosexuals. If you are studying alone, just ignore the interdictions of homosexuality and carry on your practice!

I wish you luck in your search.
This dewdrop world, is but a dewdrop world, and yet… - Issa
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Joined: 11 Jun 2005
Posts: 40
Interests: Writer, Champion of the underdogs, Lay Minister, Registered Massage Therapy, playing pool, dancing, gardening
Physical Location: Galveston,Texas,USA

Posted: 12 Jun 2005, 5:42 pm    Post subject: 1 Advocate 4 u response Reply with quote

Hello, I wanted to share something with you that you might want to pass on. There is a strong Scriptural verse that Affirms in no uncertain terms the LGBTQ community. It is referenced in this Forum as 'A new book', "Awakenings in an Age of Angels". It might appeal to you not just as a seeker but as someone who may need ammunition to fight the right wingers of this world. The Reconciler Gospel of Thomas verse 114 as well as the entire Gospel is available free for the asking. Check it out. (click on bookstore)

Take care.
Angel Eliza (Sword)
I have published a book that Affirms that God Loves GLBT. Get a free Reconciler Gospel of Thomas.The pot of Gold was the last verse 114.
Verse 114 is on my website.
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