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 Topic: Puerto Rico needs stateside glbtq support.

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Robert Mc  

Joined: 15 Jan 2004
Posts: 49
Interests: Politics, gay issues, human rights, classical and ethnic music and art, alcoholism and drug addiction recovery, health and fitness, spirituality... We need support to fight homophobia by a hardcore of religious and political leaders who managed to con
Physical Location: Metro San Juan, Puerto Rico

Posted: 29 Jan 2007, 6:03 am    Post subject: Puerto Rico needs stateside glbtq support. Reply with quote

All gay and lesbian leaders should check out these anti-gay bigots in Puerto Rico. Some of them sound like closet cases into self-loathing. They must hate themselves. Could that be why they cannot love...
**************************************************************************** (Posting below...)

The gay community in Puerto Rico and nationwide should check out how homophobic the pro-Rosselló supporters are. Their pro-Rosselló website is loaded with cruel, stupid, vulgar, gutter anti-gay slurs. -- Read the hate gays, older people, gringo white boys, etc. postings on this web site. Would you want this baggage of haters to come into the Union with the 51st state? It is time to clean out these bigots and "Jonestown" zealots in order to make Puerto Rico ready for statehood.

Remember how non-vote winner, former Puerto Rico Senator Mariam Ramírez stated that she did not want Tourism Company advertising to gays in the states or the rest of the world because she did not want gay tourists to turn Puerto Rico into a Sodom and Gomorrah? Remember when Pedro Rosselló was running for Governor in 2004, he appealed strongly to the anti-diversity voters in the Puerto Rico. He teamed up with an extreme right-wing minister who spoke in anti-gay tongues. Pedro Rosselló did not know how to separate religion from state even though he alleges that he is a statehooder?

A vote for Pedro Rosselló is a vote against diversity and denial of new visions for the future of Puerto Rico. It is time to wake up and throw this baggage of hate out of leadership power in the New Progressive Party. We need lovers and not haters leading the struggle for statehood for Puerto Rico.

Below is a typical example of many anti-gay postings on this website...

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Bobbing Bob Is Nuttier Than A Snickers Bar
Posted by: "contra op"
Sun Jan 28, 2007 4:11 pm (PST)
Miren lo que me mando la vieja loca esa. Se inventa un seudonimo y me envia insultos de manera personal. Jejejejejejejejejejeje. Lo poco que aguantan los Morones de Milhouse y las Locas de Kenny Boy.
And now, to make sure that he (it?) understands, let us avail ourselves of the Queen's English: Look, you crazed old fuck, you got into these groups and hurled some crazed, insane, racist, lying Milhouse/Kenny Boy type crap. And guess what happened? You had your saggy, wrinkled, foul smelling old ass handed to you back in tiny little pieces. That's what happens to Trolls and flamers on the net, fool. My suggestion is that you either cut it out and send messages that have an inkling of rational thought in them, or go back to your little sewing circle of friends, and continue sending bullshit Viewpoint letters and get out of places that are the home of the brave and cybernetic land of the free. Oh, and you know why I used words like racist and liar? Because that is what you are, you crazed old windbag.
BTW, really, really, really pathetic on your part to send this kind of crap out. Go to Vending St and pick up the rough trade you love, that'll smooth you out...........not that there's anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say...........

----- Mensaje original ----
De: damcarlson <>
Enviado: domingo, 28 de enero, 2007 17:46:46
Asunto: Foul mouths come from foul minds

You should be ashamed of yourself for having to use the words racist,
liar, plus other unmentionable abuses. Can you not verbally challenge
someones opinion without putting yourself in the gutter. I don't
think a person such as you would be a welcome entity in my 51st state.
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