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 Topic: Indian gay film DVD released - Yours Emotionally!

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Joined: 13 Jun 2006
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Posted: 29 Mar 2007, 10:03 am    Post subject: Indian gay film DVD released - Yours Emotionally! Reply with quote

The film I had written about earlier - Yours Emotionally! - an intoxicating queer journey through India - is released last week in North America by Waterbearer Films.
DVDs can be bought at :

TLA Video
Two best friends, Ravi and Paul, go on vacation to India where they attend an all night, eye-opening gay sex party. Surprised by the openness of their hosts and the aggressiveness of the guests, the boys fall into the steadily growing Indian gay culture. Ravi is especially bitten hard as he falls for the good looking but deeply closeted Mani. Will caste, economics and customs allow these two love birds a happy ending or will the forces of tradition and homophobia keep them apart?

Fueled by flirting, erotic performances and open sex, “Yours Emotionally” is a revealing film about the growing Indian gay community. The camera lingers over the hot bodies of Indian men and never shirks from giving gay men a sexuality seldom seen from this part of the world. Sridhar Rangayan uses both traditional and experimental film techniques to build a story of love, compassion and truth in a society that is only now beginning to accept gay people for who they are.

Amazon Canada

Facets Multimedia
To one young man traveling from England to the home of his ancestors, India is an endless gay paradise. Ravi (Premjit) and his buddy Paul (Jack Lamport) arrive and find playful sex at every turn, whether it's the orgy they stumble upon, the gay-owned hotel they shack-up in, or the instantaneous, albeit problematic relationship they form with the attractive Mani (Prateek Gandhi). Yours Emotionally! doesn't shy away from fancy film techniques, dealing with the problems that face India's gay community, or simply reveling in the male form.

CD Universe
The gay scene in India is rarely covered in feature films, but YOURS EMOTIONALLY delves deep into the subculture as two friends travel to the country for a vacation. Once there, they gain an eye-opening perspective on both the underground gay scene and the problems caused for openly homosexual men in a society that frowns on them.

Movies Unlimited
Vacationing in his ancestral homeland of India, Ravi (Premjit) falls for the attractive Mani (Prateek Gandhi), who remains steadfastly in the closet due to the country's ingrained homophobia. Their relationship blossoms within the confines of their hidden subculture, but can they ever truly be happy as long as their love remains a societal scar of shame? Jack Lamport, Ajai Rohilla also star. 86 min. Soundtrack: English; "making of" documentary; theatrical trailer.
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Joined: 03 Feb 2008
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Posted: 3 Feb 2008, 2:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I got the information !!!!!!!
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