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 Topic: Should a gay rights leader have a singleness of purpose?

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Robert Mc  

Joined: 15 Jan 2004
Posts: 49
Interests: Politics, gay issues, human rights, classical and ethnic music and art, alcoholism and drug addiction recovery, health and fitness, spirituality... We need support to fight homophobia by a hardcore of religious and political leaders who managed to con
Physical Location: Metro San Juan, Puerto Rico

Posted: 29 Nov 2004, 2:38 pm    Post subject: Should a gay rights leader have a singleness of purpose? Reply with quote

Among many "gay" leaders in Puerto Rico, does loyality to the PDP come before fighting for gay rights?

A movement for gay rights should have a singleness of purpose. Its one and only purpose should be to fight for human rights for gay people. A gay activist speaking for the gay community should not get involved in other controversial political matters that have nothing to do with gay rights. Some years ago, Puerto Rico's gay activists combined efforts to get the U.S. Navy out of Puerto Rico with the fight for human rights for gay people on the island. The Vieques issue had little to do with the gay rights issue. In fact, it distracted from the gay rights message.

During this anti-Navy period, the June Gay Pride Parade had more signs and floats demanding that the U.S. Navy get out of Vieques than messages promoting gay rights. Any message for gay rights was lost in the louder messages to kick the U.S. Navy out of Vieques. Many gay and lesbians watching these anti-American parades were turned off by the island's gay leadership pushing the Vieque's issue. Many gay bars on the island had U.S. Navy get out of Vieques and other anti-American signs on display. The incorrect impression received on the mainland was that all gay peope on the island were anti-American.

All gay people agree on the importance of protecting and broadening gay rights. However, many gay people in Puerto Rico -- and in the states -- do not feel the U.S. Navy should have been kicked out of Vieques. If a gay leader wanted the navy to leave Vieques, he or she should not protest as a "gay" leader or "gay" spokesperson but as a strictly "anti-Navy" leader. These self-proclaimed "gay" leaders did not have the right to speak for all the gay people on the island regarding a non-gay issue.

I am disappointed in some gay leaders here in Puerto Rico. Now, as in the Vieques controversy, they are protesting as "gay" leaders or activists against the United States Federal District Court for Puerto Rico. They have already made up their minds without waiting to review all the evidence that the federal court is wrong and the Puerto Rico Supreme court is right. It seems that they want to kick the Federal District Court out of Puerto Rico as they kicked the U.S. Navy out of Vieques. After we kick the federal "foreign" court out, should we kick all "foreign" federal funded programs out of Puerto Rico? If the federal courts are "foreign" to Puerto Rico, so are the federal funded highways, urban tren, public housing, schools and a lot of other "foreign" programs.

Pedro Serrano is one of the island's most well-known gay activist leading this anti-American court effort. He is convinced that all gays in Puerto Rico are against the Federal District Court and for the Puerto Rico Supreme Court. The federal court is completely wrong and the "colony" court is completely right. How can he jump to these conclusions without making any effort to learn what all the gay people living in Puerto Rico feel about this issue? Many gay and lesbian friends feel that human rights for gays and the alleged voting fraud should be two separate and distinct issues. It is dangerous to the gay movement's long-term goals to combine these two unrelated issues.

My gay friends, who are residents of Puerto Rico, tell me that most of the small core of gay activist leaders in Puerto Rico have their current jobs because of their membership in the Popular Democratic Party. They told me that I am naive not to question their motives. They tell me that these Popular gay leaders are first and foremost for keeping the Populars in power and second for seeking gay rights. They are afraid that if the U.S. Justice investigated for possible voter fraud and found evidence of fraud, the federal courts in San Juan and in Boston would rule in favor of the New Progressive Party.

If the NPP wins, these Populars, who are also gay activists, would be out of a job!

Robert McCarroll -- Carolina, Puerto Rico --

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