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 Topic: friends or lovers

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Joined: 06 May 2007
Posts: 5
Interests: Singing, music, walking, taekwondo, going to the gym, meeting interesting people
Physical Location: MANCHESTER

Posted: 3 Jul 2007, 2:26 pm    Post subject: friends or lovers Reply with quote

I have been seeing a women now for nearly 6 months, the thing is our relationship is a secret because she says she isnt gay. I know this sounds weird she has never thought about being with a women but she has fell in love with me, if you have read my last post this will explain. i really love this women and she means so much to me, but its driving me insane keeping our feelings a secret and its not because i want everyone to know as such but its makes everything hard. We cant hold hands in public and i have to shut my feelings off when i am out with her its as if i am her friend by day and lover by night, does anyone understand has anyone been through this i would really like some feedback from someone. We have tried to cool things off so many times and be just friends but we always end up making beautiful love and end up back this way, I feel i am pressuring her into telling people, i dont want her to feel that way but its cutting me up bad. i have to ask if i can touch her or be in her arms sometimes, we even close curtains during the day just in case someome sees us in each others arms.she loves going out every day but sometimes i want us to stay in just so i feel close to her again.our friendship is fantastic too and i would hate to see that go down thedrain because of this. why am i not strong enough to walk away for both our sakes.She is my soul mate thats why,.i wish she could find the courage to tell people so we dont have to sneak around all the time,please someone reply
think positive attitude
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Joined: 08 Jan 2009
Posts: 3
Interests: Playing guitar, cleaning the house and gardening, swimming and playing badminton
Physical Location: somewhere in Asia

Posted: 18 Jan 2009, 7:15 am    Post subject: friends or lovers Reply with quote

Its like me and my girlfriend.. though its just an online relationship, we couldn't tell anyone that we are in a relationship :( like lovers. We are just million miles away from each other but still no one should know our relationship :(
we love each others so much but she's married. She can't leave her husband just yet since her kids are still 2and 3 years old :( If her husband would divorce her due to cheating, she would end up having the weekends only to see her kids and I understand her because she's a mom.

So see.. you're not the only one having problems with stuff like this. :(
I feel sorry for the two of us...

but in your case, why don't you ask her if she really love you like a friend or more than that?
if she can't let anyone know that she belong to the third sex, then just know it from her if she loves you like a friend or a lover..then you can start your relationship from there. She doesn't have to come out right away as a bisexual/lesbian because its really not an easy thing to do or accept. it usually takes time :|
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