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 Topic: To Be Let Alone - US Supreme Court 1986 Gay Prohibitions

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Posted: 9 Jun 2010, 10:50 am    Post subject: To Be Let Alone - US Supreme Court 1986 Gay Prohibitions Reply with quote

What's a gay lawyer to do when it's illegal to be gay in America? Bring the Supreme Court to the docket!

To Be Let Alone, 20th Anniversary Edition

This essential part of the history of gay rights has been released again for its 20th anniversary. The original stageplay protested the 1986 US Supreme Court ruling that essentially made it illegal to be gay in America. Even today, we need to educate everyone about this history, convince tiny pockets of late adopters in our society, and educate other countries (like Malawi) about how to improve laws and culture.

The book can be reviewed free and purchased on (ISBN 1451579861 / EAN-13 978-1451579864):

For more information, questions, interviews and authorization to produce the play onstage with royalties, perform a staged reading of the play royalty-free, or use the play or book in your work, contact Tiffani Crawford at Our film version of the play is seeking funding.

To Be Let Alone, 20th Anniversary Edition
Tiffani Crawford and Charles A. Larson

“The U.S. Supreme Court Is on Trial for Maliciously Discriminating Against Gays and Lesbians!”

The original play 'To Be Let Alone' was written in response to the United States Supreme Court decision to uphold Georgia’s law prohibiting sodomy between consensual gay adults. The play ran from February to April 1990, a few months after the 1989 White Night Riots in San Francisco’s Castro district and a couple of weeks after its challenging court case was initially turned down by the California courts.

The controversial production was picketed in protest of gay rights and panned in a few reviews. The play won a 1990 Los Angeles Dramalogue Award.

A law-changing play, 'To Be Let Alone' inspired and re-catalyzed improvements to gay rights that we enjoy today. The original cast and crew are honored and proud to celebrate the play’s 20th anniversary. They didn’t really kidnap the U.S. Supreme Court, as in the play, but they inspired, empowered and explained so that there were improvements in many people’s lives.
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