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 Topic: katrina political fiasco

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Joined: 01 Sep 2005
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Posted: 11 Sep 2005, 11:34 pm    Post subject: katrina political fiasco Reply with quote

You know, I don't remember which congressman said this but, there has bin a quote from a congressman that said, in regaurds to the situation after the katrina hurricane"We have had our first 9/11 test and have failed miserably".I can't remember the name of the congressman.I know I'm not the only one that can see that this was disgustingly handled.The people to blame come from "the top" too.

I saw on the daily show the other day a number of tv interview quotes from the bush adminitration AND bush himself saying "we don't need to play the "blame game" and jon stewart said, the ones who say, in any situation, "don't play the blame game", ARE THE ONES TO BLAME!! This leaves a big ugly scar on the face of americans for the kind of responces I have heard and seen in the eyes of the rest of the world.

heres a lovelty little quote from that privileged, class separatist barbara bush (and you know the apple, I'm sure doesn't fall far from the tree) "
"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this -- this [she chuckles slightly] is working very well for them."
-- Barbara Bush, quoted by on National Public Radio's Marketplace program, on New Orleans residents evacuated and re-located to the Astrodome in Houston.

It really says something about ur society and/or the people running this country that they can respond quickly and jump into action when theres a war going on but, when a natural disaster, particularly in an area where most of the people are poor, or rather black and poor then I guess those in the higher up positions who have the ability to do something about it, must consider those people to be expendable?!?!

I am so completly disgusted with bush and his horsemen of the Apocalypse, he calls his administration, that its left me bitter. I was always a tad bit bitter, but now... I'm just really hurt.Its bin said that if this disaster happened in a place like beverly hills, you can bet that there would have bin a better organization and relief effort and chances are evacuation days in advance, if this were to happen there.

heres another sick story...The evacuation of Superdome refugees was interrupted briefly when school buses rolled up so some 700 guests and employees from the Hyatt hotel. They were move to the head of the line to be evacuated -- much to the amazement of those who had been crammed in the stinking Superdome for days.

The 700 had been trapped in the Hyatt just like the others, but conditions were considerably cleaner, even without running water, than the unsanitary crush inside the dome.I guess money talks and poor people die, right? is this what that is telling me?!?!

heres another...I heard that there was a guy whose mother was trapped in a nursing home and was told that help is comming to get her, on monday, then on tuesday, still no help, but a promise that someone is comming to get her, then the same on thursday and on friday, she was pronounce dead on friday... she drowned.
again, I'll say, this is negligence, from the sickend me to see a picture of president bush excepting a guitar, with a big ole smile on his face just days after this hurricane hit.

If i'm not mistaken mr. bush was on vacation recently, I think he was still on vacation when this storm came in...
My synical attitude towards him makes me wonder if, he put out an order to everyone that they are not to come up to him to tell him any news unless it was terrorisim. 'cause, fater all, he's on vacation, he has no need to be bothered with the world or life. a well deserved vacatin too, I mean after all, he hasn't bin on vacation since march?!!? thats a long time between vacations, right?!?! I'm being sarcastic here.

Of course another example of the sickness of humanity is the article where the editor says, black people were looting and white people were just finding food.thats pretty blatant, and low.I really hope that, at least, that guy was fired.Wolf Blitzer from cnn made a Freudian slip on air recently and while video was being shown of people wading through the water, he says " they are so poor and they are so BLACK!! I shit you not! look it up.

Of course the main people to blame, in this whole fiasco,will not be fired, chances are pretty good, bush will show how black his heart is and give 'em all awards for bravery or something?!?! I'm totally sick.

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