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Arenas, Reinaldo (1943-1990)  
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Arenas does not limit himself to simply declaring his homosexuality, but rather graphically presents his sexual escapades, going beyond what many readers would consider "good taste." Arenas was quite aware of the hypocrisy and of his Hispanic audience, but rather than making concessions, allowing himself to be closeted by bigotry disguised as "good taste," he expressed his experiences honestly, to the point of possibly alienating certain readers.

In 1992 in his review of the autobiography, Mario Vargas Llosa observed: "This is one of the most moving testimonies that has ever been written in our language about oppression and rebellion, but few will dare to acknowledge this fact since the book, although one reads it with an uncontrollable appetite, has the perverse power of leaving its readers uncomfortable" (my translation).

"Autoepitafio" ("Self-Epitaph"), one of the writer's last poems, splendidly captures Arenas's spirit of irreverence, pathos, and irony. The poetic voice, speaking in the third person, recounts the poet's instructions of what to do with his body after death: "He arranged for his ashes to be scattered into the sea / where they would flow forever. / Not having given up his habit of dreaming, / he awaits a young man to dive into his waters" (Voluntad de vivir manifestándose, my translation).

Francisco Soto

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