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Australian and New Zealand Literatures  
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New Zealand Lesbian Novels

The development of the lesbian novel in Australia in the last two decades is a phenomenon that has not yet been matched in New Zealand, though Renée is a prolific published New Zealand lesbian writer. Her writing is varied and direct. Besides a number of plays, she has produced three books of fiction: the story collection Finding Ruth (1987), and the novels Willy Nilly (1990) and Daisy and Lily (1993).

Beryl Fletcher's two feminist novels (The Word Burners, 1991; The Iron Mouth, 1993) consider lesbian issues and impulses explicitly, as an important aspect of female textuality in its New Zealand context.

The Lesbian Short Story in Australia and New Zealand

However, in both countries--distinct societies, with differing histories and contemporary realities--women writers use the story form to explore issues of self, body, voice, and lesbian revision.

Although the short story has tended to be a realist form, some lesbian writers have found it amenable to fantasy, to expression of vivid constructive (and destructive) dreaming; furthermore, it has favored a new kind of focus on language itself, on language's innate capacity for deconstruction and reformulation, for challenging language as patriarchal property.

The Exploding Frangipani (edited by Cathie Dunsford and Susan Hawthorne) and Subversive Acts (edited by Cathie Dunsford) are two recent story anthologies that include a number of Australian and New Zealand feminist and lesbian writers, revealing the intense and widespread energy in a new writing of sex and gender.

From Australia, Thalia, Sandy Jeffs, Sue Chin, Susan Hawthorne, Jenny Pausacker, and Susan Hampton are representative of this innovative work, whereas in New Zealand Susan Sayer, Nancy Stone, Julie Glamuzina, Louise Simone, and Sandy Hall are active writers.

There are three important aspects to this lesbian-feminist work as demonstrated in these two anthologies. First, Subversive Acts, a New Zealand anthology that includes both lesbian and feminist (heterosexual) work, emphasizes the continuities within women's experience, whether it be heterosexual or lesbian.

Second, The Exploding Frangipani, an anthology of Australian and New Zealand lesbian writing, emphasizes the continuities in experience between the two distinct yet related societies.

Third, both collections include the work of Native writers: the Australian aborigine Eva Johnson, and New Zealand Maori Marewa P. Glover and Ngahuia Te Awekotuku.

All three aspects underline something significant about lesbian writing: that it is prepared to transgress boundaries, to search for inclusive experience, to make creative alliances.


In all this writing--gay or lesbian, from Australia or New Zealand--exploration and revision of sex and gender traditions takes place within the dismantling of a crippling, colonial past that was strenuously patriarchal. Such revision seeks to end the repression of women, lesbians, and gays that many, until recently, would take for granted.

Patrick Holland

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