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Canadian Literature in English  
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Prose Anthologies

Denisoff's collection, Queeries (1993), is the first anthology of Anglo-Canadian gay male prose. Fortunately there have been several collections of lesbian fiction, including Piece of My Heart (fiction by lesbians of color anthologized by Makeda Silvera, 1991) and most recently Getting Wet: Tales of Lesbian Seduction (1992). Edited by two lesbians of color, Carol Allain and Rosamund Elwin, the latter volume continues the tradition that Elwin has encouraged through the Lesbian Writing and Publishing Collective that created another anthology, Dykewords.

Getting Wet and another collection, By Word of Mouth, raise the issue of pornography, an issue that has often divided lesbian communities but in Canada has elicited strong lesbian support for erotic writing by women for women. Alongside some pretty torrid sex, Getting Wet contains the diction of the old pulp romances of preliberation days: "we had feasted to our hearts' fulness on each other."

In so doing, it raises again the question of just what lesbian "literature" is, a question suggested also by the recent National Film Board production Forbidden Love (directed by Aerlyn Weissman and Lynne Fernie, 1992), where a piece of pulp fiction comes to life.


Periodicals are also a major source of gay and lesbian writing. Candis Graham, whose collection of short stories, Imperfect Moments has recently appeared, for example, has previously published not only in Women and Words but in three other collections of lesbian stories: Dykeversions (1986), By word of mouth (1989), and Tide Lines (1991) as well as in the papers Rites and Common Lives / Lesbian Lives. (One might also add the feminist magazine Fireweed as a place where lesbian fiction frequently appears.)

Graham's stories have the sort of amiable domesticity often associated with lesbian life; indeed, they are usually situated in the redefinition of "family."

This is also a subject of many of the novels of Jane Rule, another American expatriate. As the first major gay or lesbian novelist to publish in Canada, Rule still has the highest profile. Like her first novel, Desert of the Heart (1964), This is Not for You (1970) is centered in the relation of two women. Whereas the women in the first novel break through convention, the couple in the second do not.

Against the Season (1972) introduces the same wide range of characters as recur in what is probably her best-known novel, The Young in One Another's Arms (1977), a novel in which the residents (gay and straight) of a rooming house become a "family" in order to fight a developer.

In all of her work--and she has a large canon of short stories as well as subsequent novels--her concern has been to present lesbians and gays as "not heroic or saintly but real." This unsentimental clarity has also given her critical writing distinction, both in the pieces that appeared in The Body Politic, and have since been collected as A Hot-Eyed Moderate (1986), and in her influential earlier work, Lesbian Images (1975).

The advent of lesbian and gay literature in Canada has not gone unopposed by traditional forces of "morality," with the absurd result that publications supported by arts councils have sometimes been the subject of police action. The battle against Customs officers and police pornography squads eager to seize even the novels of Jane Rule has largely been carried on in Canada by such important bookstores as Glad Day in Toronto and Little Sisters in Vancouver but not without the active support of straight librarians and bookstores.


What is remarkable is the vibrancy of gay culture generally, and gay writing in particular, in a country whose population is less than California's. Both Vancouver and Toronto have strong gay and lesbian publishing houses and theaters that would be the envy of much larger cities in the English-speaking world.

Douglas Chambers

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