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DeCaro, Frank (b. 1962)  
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DeCaro has made frequent appearances at film festivals, often presenting an evening of clips and comedy called "Flaming Screens." He has also appeared in several off-Broadway theatrical productions and in cabarets and revues.

In the spring of 2006 DeCaro became a member of the all gay and lesbian panel of the Game Show Network's revival of I've Got a Secret, along with actor-dancer Jermaine Taylor, comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer, and former major league baseball player Billy Bean.

Since February 2004 DeCaro has been hosting The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius OutQ radio. The talk show is a perfect fit for DeCaro, who has said, "There's nothing I like better than getting in front of an audience and chit-chatting, and the audience knows that. They know I'm having as good a time as they are."

The show's web site accurately describes the people with whom DeCaro has chit-chatted as an "eclectic" group. Among them have been Martha Stewart, Clive Barker, Dick Cavett, Alan Cumming, Helen Gurley Brown, Michaelangelo Signorile, Elsa Klensch, and Bruce Vilanch. Gay and lesbian comedians such as Kate Clinton, Lea DeLaria, Elvira Kurt, Varla Jean Merman, and Lady Bunny frequently appear on the program.

A popular feature of the show is "Dial-An-Icon," which gives callers the opportunity to talk to "entertainment legends" such as Carol Channing, Bea Arthur, Elvira, and Butch Patrick, who played the son on the television series The Munsters, one of DeCaro's childhood favorites.

Each week the "Chez Phyllis" feature brings in chefs, cookbook authors, food critics, and restaurateurs to discuss food. There are also weekly segments with the show's regular correspondents, including New York Observer columnist Simon Doonan, entertainment critics J. P. Sarni, New York Post pet columnist Julia Szabo, and television expert Jim Colucci.

Colucci and DeCaro met shortly after the publication of A Boy Named Phyllis, when Colucci attended one of DeCaro's readings. He came back for other readings and a bit of flirting and soon invited DeCaro on a date. The couple has been together ever since.

They share their homes in New York and suburban New Jersey with their Boston terrier, Pee-wee Herman Munster Merman (simply Herman to his friends).

Linda Rapp

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