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Latin American Literature  
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Finally, one needs to examine even the commercially motivated popular art of someone like the Brazilian novelist Cassandra Rios. Her novels may be unabashedly written to be read on the beach during the lazy days of summer, but their audacious sexual transgressions, including nonchalant lesbianism, are as much indexes of shifting erotic sensibilities as they are of the commercial advantages associated with the exotic and outrageous behavior of her socioeconomically privileged characters.

Rios surely sells the bulk of her novels to bored philistines who enjoy the jolts of deviant sexuality that her unmistakable potboilers provide. But the very fact that middle-class popular culture texts in Brazil are transgressive in a way that is not true in the United States cannot be overlooked.

Such texts may offer a potentially productive opportunity to articulate a lesbian identity within the popular culture enjoyed by the dominant social classes.


Concluding comments regarding possible avenues of future research on lesbian and gay motifs in Latin America follow clearly from what has been discussed up to this point. On the one hand, there is the need to recognize that a way of talking about homosexuality as illness and crime has been incorporated into Latin American social consciousness as a consequence of international influences. The same is true of the concept of gay sensibility.

Yet both gay male and lesbian issues and identities in Latin America not only reflect the parameters of the internationalizing Euro-American models but also manifest a unique Latin American experience, including the remnants of pre-Hispanic homoeroticism. Perhaps the most abiding and cohesive characteristic of Latin American homoerotics, one that crosses gender and ideological lines, is the imperative to make the personal political.

David William Foster

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