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Lezama Lima, José (1910-1976)  
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Although most of the principal characters of the first novel reappear, the story is mostly centered on Fronesis, now living in Paris. Fronesis, whose reckless and carefree sensuality is described on various occasions, attracts a number of individuals, both male and female, who cannot resist his physical and spiritual beauty.

In a study of Oppiano Licario, Benito Pelegrín provides a close reading of Fronesis's sensual and dream presented in Chapter 3, in which he finally is able to accept Foción's (homosexual) friendship: "The reality of the dream was to show [Fronesis] the secret closeness and sensuality of his friendship with Foción" (my translation).

In Oppiano Licario, according to Pelegrín, "we no longer have the good heterosexual in opposition to the depraved homosexual, a Paradiso opposed to an Inferno, but rather the homosexual object is split in pairs of opposites between the friend and the enemy, the good and the bad, the individual that can be accepted and the individual that should be rejected" (my translation).

The modern reader should not be quick to judge Lezama's portrayal of homosexuality harshly. In both Paradiso and Oppiano Licario, homosexual interludes occupy a considerable portion of the texts.

The mere fact that the author dared to express detailed sexual relations between men, at a time when such expressions were generally looked down on in Latin-American literature and severely censored by the Cuban revolutionary establishment, represents an important turning point in Latin-American letters that paved the way for a greater representation of homosexual desire.

Francisco Soto

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