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Loti, Pierre (Julien Viaud) (1850-1923)  
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Viaud's novels never deal with homosexuality directly, but then neither does Oscar Wilde's work, and he is regularly held up as the first important figure in English-language gay literature. Aziyadé and My Brother Yves were obvious enough to foster rumors about Viaud's homosexuality in the popular press of the day. Others, like Iceland Fisherman, Ramuntcho, Judith Renaudin, and The Awakened, have had to wait longer for gay readings.

Read in chronological order, Viaud's novels present the story of a gay man working to come to an understanding of his feelings and who he is as a result of them, the first novelistic corpus in Western literature to do so. It would be a half-century before any other major novelist in English or French undertook something similar in so positive a fashion.

Richard M. Berrong

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