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Sadomasochistic Literature  
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Other Lesbian Sadomasochistic Fiction

S/M-themed lesbian short fiction can also be found in Dorothy Allison's Trash (1988) and Cappy Kotz's, The First Stroke (1988). The Dog-Collar Murders by the successful "vanilla" novelist Barbara Wilson defends S/M against the charge that it is internalized male hatred that inevitably leads to violence.

Lesbian S/M literature has been at the forefront of recognizing the legitimacy of consensual S/M practice while criticizing the real social structures that S/M practice in part reflects and contests.

Serious Criticism of Sadomasochistic Fiction

Although critics of S/M fiction continue to claim that it reinforces gay self-hatred, they also level the more serious charge that it advances conservative social and sexual ideologies. Since the majority of S/M literature is produced by and for white males, critics have tried to show the ways in which S/M culture replicates race, class, and gender hierarchies.

It is true that S/M literature too often eroticizes racial and ethnic difference. And in its less rigorous forms, it also depicts positions of power and dominance based on class position and misogynistic notions of masculinity.

Perhaps these tendencies are rooted in the origins of S/M culture in America. Scholars have argued that it arose out of the biker culture of the 1950s, which is often seen as a reaction against the domestic stability and white-collar positions offered to white males in post-World War II America.

The association of male homosexuality with S/M imagery such as leather, piercing, and tattoos is sometimes seen as a reaction against the widespread belief that homosexuality was a form of gender deviance and effeminacy.

If S/M has become a dominant mode of gay life and gay style, some critics have argued that it is only imitating the rise of a new form of masculinity associated with the rising conservatism of the 1980s and 1990s.

But to call S/M, especially in its most radical and dissenting forms, politically conservative is clearly too simplistic. There is reason to believe, for example, that the politics of confrontation and outrage that have come to be associated with the ascendancy of politics owes a significant debt to S/M.

Not surprisingly, some S/M writers lament the increased visibility and cultural mainstreaming of S/M practice as a watering down of its empowering potential.


The heated wars over lesbian S/M, like the attempts in America and abroad to ban consensual S/M sex and to censor its representation, attest to the fact that S/M continues to be a site of extraordinary controversy and fascination.

S/M writing, as the spirited nonfiction anthology Leatherfolk (1991) demonstrates, has constructed itself as a form of emancipation for all lesbians and gays. As a crucial site of S/M performance, sadomasochistic literature continues to stake a claim for S/M's radical potential.

Robert Wood

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