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Young Adult Literature  
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AIDS in Young Adult Literature

Young adult literature has only begun to meet the challenge of educating its audience to the dangers and problems associated with AIDS. In an important article on this subject, Alan Teasley uncovered only eight young adult titles in which AIDS is a major theme.

Most of these books do not associate AIDS exclusively with gay men, although the first, M. E. Kerr's well-written and affecting Night Kites (1986), features the protagonist's brother as a gay man with AIDS.

In Alice Hoffman's At Risk (1988), however, Amanda Ferrell has contracted AIDS from contaminated blood, as has the protagonist's uncle in Alida Young's I Never Got to Say Goodbye (1988).

In Koertge's The Arizona Kid, the main character, Billy, is not gay, but his Uncle Wes is. Wes and his circle of gay friends (many with AIDS) are secondary to the major action, but Wes provides safer sex education for Billy in his romance with Cara.

Michael Bishop's Unicorn Mountain (1988) is set in Colorado, where unicorns appear to a group of young people living in the mountains. One character, Bo, is a young man with AIDS; in a subplot, he discovers that the unicorns are dying of a rare disease.

The Lack of Diversity in Young Adult Fiction

The world available to young adult audiences is overwhelmingly white, middle class, and male.

Working-class characters appear in only five of the seventy titles that feature gay and lesbian characters and themes. These include Guy's Ruby, Garden's Annie on My Mind, and Rees's In the Tent (1979).

Only three titles feature African-American characters: Guy's Ruby, Jacqueline Woodson's The Dear One (1992), and Rees's The Milkman's on His Way. In the field of young adult lesbian and gay fiction, there are apparently only three authors of color, Alice Childress, Rosa Guy, and Jacqueline Woodson.

Some Positive and Constructive Young Adult Fiction

Despite the limitations of young adult fiction (including its failure to offer realistic settings and to create well-developed characters) and its tendency to perpetuate stereotypes about gay men and lesbians, the field contains several titles that are well worth reading and sharing with young people.

These offer constructive and reassuring images and address sensitively and engagingly a number of important issues of interest to gay and lesbian youth, including homophobia, coming out, and accepting the sexuality of parents, siblings, teachers, and friends.

For example, Koertge's The Arizona Kid, which is distinguished by humor and warmth, presents gay characters in a relatively stable and interesting community. Deborah Hautzig's Hey, Dollface (1978) is the classic crush novel, and Barbara Wersba's Crazy Vanilla (1986) compellingly depicts a younger brother's coming to terms with his elder sibling's gayness. Woodson's The Dear One (1991) features a lesbian couple, Marion and Bernadette, who are strong and productive individuals.

Some recent novels, such as Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat (1989) and Klein's My Life As a Body, have begun to deproblematize the gayness of gay characters. Still others, such as Joyce Sweeney's Face the Dragon (1990), Jackie Calhoun's Sticks and Stones (1992), and Rik Isensee's We're Not Alone, have begun to explore the larger social and personal implications of sexual identity.

Taken in the aggregate, young adult gay and lesbian literature can be best regarded as a world of promise and possibility with a huge agenda ahead.

Melinda Kanner

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