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Spotlight Education
Many Colleges and Universities have grown more responsive to glbtq issues during the last thirty years as a result of the efforts of glbtq students, staff, and faculty. While the campus climate has improved at many U. S. institutions, some harassment persists.

Spotlight on Education

  The field of Cultural Studies has significance for glbtq people because of its concern with social and sexual politics, its focus on subcultural production and consumption, and its commitment to progressive social change.  
  Many Fraternities and Sororities discriminate against openly glbtq students. Despite that discrimination, glbtq students are involved in both traditional Greek-letter societies and in gay-oriented fraternities and sororities.  
  Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Studies are separate but related fields of cultural inquiry that attempt to establish the centrality of gender and sexuality within a particular area of investigation.  
  Gay-straight Alliances are youth-led, school- or community-based groups designed to assist glbtq students, children from glbtq families, and heterosexual students who want to be allies of their glbtq peers.  
  The theory that Gender Relations are socially constructed categories of meaning has opened up a number of new areas in lesbian, gay, and queer studies.  
  The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, established by Alfred Kinsey in 1947, has pioneered the study of American sexual behavior.  
  W. Dorr Legg (1904-1994) was a pioneer in the American gay rights movement and in glbtq studies. He won a landmark Supreme Court decision establishing the right to send homosexual content through the U.S. mail.  
  PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) is an American organization of some 460 affiliated chapters and 200,000 members that works to support glbtq people and their loved ones.  
  Student Organizations have grown from a handful to several thousand during the last thirty years. Once limited to a few large universities, glbtq student organizations can be found on nearly all American college campuses today.  
  M. Carey Thomas (1857-1935) was one of the most prominent American educators of the early twentieth century. She shared her home with another woman while serving as the second president of the women-only Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.  
  Transgender Issues and hostility toward transgender students, staff, and faculty were rarely recognized at secondary and post-secondary institutions prior to the late 1990s. While transgender people are becoming increasingly visible in educational institutions, many school officials still do not understand their needs.  
  Women's Studies, an interdisciplinary academic field that was inaugurated at major universities around 1970, is now offered at every conceivable type of academic institution throughout the world.  
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