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  Wingmen by Ensan Case

An Appreciation of Ensan Case's Wingmen
In a far-ranging analysis, Eric Patterson explains why Ensan Case's Wingmen is both the best American war novel about love between men and also an astute exploration of masculinity. Although published in 1979, and set in World War II, the novel remains relevant because of its artistry and its social and psychological insights.
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  Ensan Case

A Letter from Ensan Case
In a letter prompted by Eric Patterson's essay on his novel Wingmen, Ensan Case reveals the genesis and publication history of a cult classic.
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  Forcing the Spring by Jo Becker

Jo Becker and Dale Carpenter: Two Cases, Two Books
Claude Summers contrasts the approaches of the authors of books about two of the most significant legal battles in the history of the gay rights movement and in the process illuminates the significance of recent Supreme Court rulings.
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  Nella Larsen

Spotlight: The Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance was an African-American literary and cultural movement that began after World War I and ended during the years of the Great Depression of the 1930s. The movement was influenced by the many black glbtq writers who contributed to it.
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  Louisa May Alcott

Romantic Friendship
Romantic friendship, an intimate and sometimes sexual relationship between same-sex friends, has long been celebrated in literature.

Before the advent of the twentieth century, romantic friendships between women were largely perceived as normal and socially acceptable. Though male romantic friendships have not been as widely approved of, literary works from ancient epics, to elegies, to modern war movies celebrate intimate relationships between men.

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  Bessie Smith

Jazz and the Blues
Jazz and the Blues, two of the most prominent musical forms to emerge from African-American roots, differ sharply in their relationships to glbtq performers. While jazz continues to be hostile toward glbtq musicians despite the significant contributions of several gay male jazz artists, the Blues has been more welcoming, particularly to lesbian and bisexual women.
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  Body Counts

A Life Lived in Technicolor: Sean Strub's Body Counts
In his review of Sean Strub's new book, "Body Counts," Thomas Uskali finds that Strub's life is entwined inextricably with some of the most significant events of the American movement for equal rights. It is both a vivid memoir of one man's eventful life and a valuable social history that chronicles the beginning and the maturing of the gay rights movement, especially the terrifying first-wave of the AIDS crisis and the rise of ACT UP.
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  My Days and Nights with Henry Darger

My Days and Nights with Henry Darger
Jim Elledge explains how he became fascinated with the work of acclaimed but misunderstood artist Henry Darger and devoted ten years researching and writing Henry Darger, Throwaway Boy: The Tragic Life of an Outsider Artist to prove that he was not a pedophile, sadist, or murderer, but rather a gay man who survived sexual and physical abuse.
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  Babe Didrikson

Lesbians and Sports
Lesbians and athletics have been identified with each other since long before the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion alerted mainstream straight America that there was a large queer minority in its midst. Despite that long history, many lesbians in sports continue to face homophobia and other obstacles today.
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A cultural crossroads between Asia and Europe, Russia has a long, rich, and often violent heritage of varied influences and stark confrontations in regard to its patterns of same-sex love.
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