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  Christopher Rice

Mystery Man, Talking with Christopher Rice
With his gay-themed plots in gay-friendly settings, Christopher Rice has carved out a lucrative niche for himself in the the mystery/thriller genre. In this interview with Craig Kaczorowski, Rice discusses his thoughts on gay writers, ideal readers, the impact of his famous mother on his work and career, and his fascination with marines.
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The glbtq community has developed and appropriated many symbols, but where did they come from and what do they mean? In this series of slides, you will discover that while glbtq symbols are diverse in origin and meaning, all serve to render visible communities that have been marginalized or erased.
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  The First Man-Made Man

Michael Dillon in India
Michael Dillon was the first person to medically transition from female to male. Here, Pagan Kennedy, the author of The First Man-Made Man: The Story of Two Sex Changes, One Love Affair, and a Twentieth-Century Medical Revolution (Bloomsbury, 2007), tells the story of Dillon's unsuccessful efforts to become a Buddhist monk in India and his decision to reveal his secrets in a still unpublished autobiography he wrote near the end of his life.
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  My Mother Had Always Warned Me About Girls Like Peggy

Tina Fiveash: A Retrospective
Australian artist Tina Fiveash (b. 1970) often appropriates the iconography of advertising to create a missing lesbian history. Her work is frequently humorous on the surface, but just as often delivers a fierce political punch on closer inspection.
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  The cover of Gentleman Jigger

Keith Boykin on Gentleman Jigger
Author, activist, and television personality Keith Boykin introduces Gentleman Jigger, a novel by Harlem Renaissance writer Richard Bruce Nugent, and discusses the factors that prevented its publication before 2008.
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  Eric Patterson

Eric Patterson on Brokeback Mountain
In this wide-ranging essay about Brokeback Mountain, author Eric Patterson contends that Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain and the Annie Proulx short story on which the film is based compels Americans to consider the significance of love between men especially as it relates to the heroic national ideal of the Cowboy.

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  Robert Sherer: Recent Work

Robert Sherer: Recent Work
Robert Sherer's recent work uses unusual media to address two sharply distinct aspects of gay male experience. His American Pyrographs series explores male adolescence and sexuality while Blood Works comments on--and raises questions about--romance and sex in the HIV era.
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  Transsexuals of Brazil

Transsexuals of Brazil
Transgender people--more specifically, people who were born male but present themselves as female--are Brazil's single most marginalized group. Though activists and government agencies are beginning to address the problems they face, most Brazilian transsexuals suffer from violence, unique health risks, social isolation, and enormous emotional stresses.
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  Laurie Toby Edison

The Photography of Laurie Toby Edison
Artist Laurie Toby Edison is chiefly known for three series of photographic work: Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes, Familiar Men, and Women of Japan. Edison's work reflects her engagement in the Fat Acceptance/Size movement, the feminist movement, and queer activist organizations.
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  A self-portrait by Tee Corinne.

Scars, Stoma, Ostomy Bag, Portacath
Tee Corinne (1943-2006), the shy superstar of lesbian erotic art, died of liver cancer on August 27, 2006. The loss of her lover to colon cancer less than a year before inspired Corinne's final series of photographs entitled Scars, Stoma, Ostomy Bag, Portacath.
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