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  Icons of Desire

Bill Travis: Icons of Desire
Artist Bill Travis uses a photographic process he invented to combine aspects of Byzantine Christian icons with homoerotic images in his series "Icons of Desire."
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  Ronald Firbank

Ronald Firbank: Aggressive, Witty, and Unrelenting
Author and professor Don Adams argues that English novelist Ronald Firbank has been mischaracterized as a frivolous literary lightweight by some prominent critics. Rather, Adams maintains, Firbank was a radically parodic writer who upended the conventional novel's focus on ethics with a liberating expression of individualist aesthetics.
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  Honor Moore

Bisexuality in Honor Moore's Memoirs
Bisexual author Honor Moore's memoirs about her father, the renowned Episcopal Bishop of New York, and her grandmother, artist Margarett Sargent, are notable for exploring the homosexual as well as the heterosexual relationships in her subject's lives and in her own.
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  Ann Bannon

American Literature: Lesbian, 1900-1969
Lesbian literature between 1900 and 1969 exploited the "outlaw" status of the lesbian. This phenomenon is reflected in the stylistically and thematically diverse work of such writers as Sarah Orne Jewett, Djuna Barnes, Gertrude Stein, and Hilda Doolittle, among others.
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  Cady Wells

Lois Rudnick on Cady Wells
Lois Rudnick, editor of Cady Wells and Southwestern Modernism (Museum of New Mexico Press, 2009), explains her interest in and describes the life and work of Cady Wells (1904-1954), a modernist painter who thrived in the art colonies of Taos and Santa Fe during the first half of the twentieth century. Wells found love as well as an accepting and like-minded creative community in New Mexico's desert.
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  Whittaker Chambers

Public Scandals
The stories of public scandals involving glbtq people often illuminate the cultural and historical milieus in which they occurred as much as the biographies of the subjects of the scandals.
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  Gertrude Stein

Jewish-American Literature
Jewish-American gay and lesbian literature with its rich heritage, diverse subject matter, and thriving vitality has imbued American Jewish literature with new life. With some notable exceptions, American Jewish gay and lesbian writers have tended to be secularists; for them "Jewish" is not necessarily an indicator of a particular religious position or sensibility but an affirmation of ethnic and cultural identity.
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  Latina/Latino Literature

Latina/Latino Literature
Latina Lesbian Literature is a vibrant literary tradition that has grown rapidly since the mid-1980s and enjoyed considerable critical attention, but the number of contributors to Gay Male Latino Literature has remained curiously small.
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  Detail from Hercules and the Hydra by Gustav Moreau.

European Art: Nineteenth Century
Several nineteenth century European artists and art critics achieved a self-aware homosexual identity that is expressed in both their lives and their works, but lesbianism is only rarely depicted in terms of identity during this period.
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  Chris and Don

Claude Summers Reflects on Chris and Don
Claude Summers reflects on the romance and the creative partnership between Don Bachardy and Christopher Isherwood, the "first couple" of the gay liberation movement, in this review of the documentary film Chris and Don: A Love Story, directed by Guido Santi and Tina Mascara.
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