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Monique, Karlesa, and Wanessa, October 2006.

Monique, Karlesa, and Wanessa, October 2006.

Transgender people in Brazil are the country's single most marginalized group. Fear, ignorance, and hypocrisy lead to discrimination and lack of education, which in turn render transgender people subject to violence, social exclusion, drug abuse, crime, prostitution, exploitation, and severe health risks, each of which results in further discrimination.

The photographs that illustrate this presentation were created in São Paulo by Barry Michael Wolfe. The names in the photo captions are called "artistic names" in Brazil. Brazilian transsexuals, who generally prefer to be called transvestites, choose their artistic names and use them in preference to their birth names.

The text that appears on a slide may not characterize or refer to the person or people in the accompanying photograph.


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social sciences >> Transsexuals of Brazil
Transgender people--more specifically, people who were born male but present themselves as female--are Brazil's single most marginalized group.
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