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Tina Fiveash

Tina Fiveash

Tina Fiveash is an internationally recognized photomedia artist based in Sydney, Australia. Fiveash mixes new and old photographic technologies, constructed sets, and costumes to create alternate realities that often challenge social conventions and gender stereotypes.

This review of Fiveash's career so far introduces seven series of photomedia works in chronological order:

Pet Perversions (1993) - A campy tribute to the bond between lesbians and their pets.

Stories for Girls (1994) - A tongue-in-cheek construction of an imagined lesbian history set in the 1950s.

The Outlaws (1995) - A distinctly lesbian take on the Hollywood Western.

Queer Love in the '50s (1997) - A continuation and elaboration of the Stories for Girls series.

Peter (1998-2003) - A series of photographs that document a friend's transformation from shy, awkward woman to empowered, confident, and happy man.

Hey, Hetero! (2001) - A collaborative public art project undertaken with Deborah Kelly that uses advertising iconography to highlight heterosexual privilege and, by implication, homosexual oppression.

Tomboy (2004) - Selected film stills from a documentary by Judith Cobb.

Recent Work (2008 series in progress) - Mock posters inspired by Australian tourism posters of the 1930s and 1940s.


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More on Tina Fiveash
Tina Fiveash's website includes galleries of her work and biographical and contact information.


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