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Alcibiades (ca 450-404/3 B. C. E.)  
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In the above listed examples, Alcibiades is presented as a more or less historical figure, a military commander and student of Socratic teaching. In Marlowe's Edward II (ca 1592), Sir Francis Bacon's essay "Of Beauty" (1597), and Antonio Rocco's Alcibiades the Schoolboy (1652), however, the allusions are specifically . In these works, Alcibiades is presented as a symbol of homosexual desire.

Even in our times, Alcibiades remains a pertinent symbol. He is referred to in Gore Vidal's The City and the Pillar (1948, revised 1965) and Messiah (1954), and in Mary Renault's The Last of the Wine (1956). Lawrence Schehr entitles his study of gay discourses in French literature Alcibiades at the Door (1995). In these works, the emphasis is on Alcibiades and Socrates as lovers and their dysfunctional relationship in the end.

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Alcibiades is also a prototype of the dandy. As such, he inspired Charles Baudelaire, Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde, Lord Alfred Douglas, Charles Kingsley, John Addington Symonds, Lytton Strachey, and André Gide. This aspect of Alcibiades is explored in Dietmar Jovy's drama Alcibiades the Athenian: Dandy, Statesman, and Strategist (2000).

Even for lesbians, Alcibiades has become a symbolic figure. For example, Margaret Fuller, in a diary entry in 1842, describes her relationship with Anna Barker, as well as the friendship between Madame de Staël and Madame de Récamier, in terms of the intimacy between Socrates and Alcibiades.

The best-known artistic depictions of Alcibiades include Raphael's School of Athens (1508-1511), Peter Paul Rubens's The Drunken Alcibiades Interrupting the Symposium (ca 1600), and Pietro Testa's painting of the same title (1648).

Nikolai Endres

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