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social sciences

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Birch, Elizabeth (b. 1956)  
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During Birch's tenure the size and budget of the HRC grew dramatically. Membership rose from 100,000 to 500,000, and the annual operating budget increased from six million to twenty-two million dollars. In addition, the HRC moved into a stylish new headquarters building in Washington, D. C. in 2003. Birch was also responsible for creating the HRC's two Action Center and Store retail outlets, one in Washington and the other in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

For her lifetime of work Birch was recognized with an award from the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, one of the most prestigious civil rights prizes in the country.

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Birch stepped down from the directorship of the HRC in January 2004 at the same time that her then partner, Hilary Rosen, left her job as chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America. Both cited the wish to spend more time with their children, twin brother and sister, whom they adopted in 1999.

The twins, born prematurely, both faced serious health crises early on but have thrived under their mothers' care. Birch and Rosen broke up in 2007, but continue to share the responsibilities of parenting.

In early 2004 Birch joined the campaign of presidential candidate Howard Dean as a senior advisor. Four years later, she served as a member of the LGBT Americans for Hillary Steering Committee to support the candidacy of Senator Hillary Clinton when she was seeking the presidency in 2008.

Birch has been praised for the strength of her commitment and for her skill as a negotiator. Her warm personality and conciliatory rather than combative style of conflict resolution have contributed to her success. Longtime activist Frank Kameny has pointed out that her "pragmatic approach" has been effective in bringing about positive change in the political arena.

In 2005 Birch founded Birch & Company Consulting and serves as its president and CEO. The firm, based in Washington, D.C., provides management and marketing advice to companies and organizations.

Linda Rapp

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