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social sciences

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Colleges and Universities  
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For example, colleges and universities have largely failed to address the needs of transgender students, staff, and faculty. Few schools recognize transgender people on college forms or have a ready means to alter records when someone transitions from one gender to another.

Transgender students also face discrimination in residence halls, where they may be assigned to a building or have a roommate of the "wrong" gender or be denied access to the appropriate restroom. To date, only a handful of schools, such as the University of California-Riverside, Sarah Lawrence College, Oberlin College, Lewis and Clark College, and Swarthmore College, offer a gender-neutral housing option, in which students are assigned a roommate regardless of gender and have non-gender-specific bathrooms.

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With more glbtq students and heterosexual allies choosing schools based on their climate and policies toward glbtq people, colleges and universities that currently provide little support to members of the glbtq community will need to become more inclusive or risk losing quality students to more glbtq-friendly institutions. While even schools that have historically been supportive of gay and lesbian students, staff, and faculty have been criticized at times for not doing enough, there is no denying that tremendous progress has been made when institutions now compete for glbtq students, rather than shunning or ignoring them.

Brett Genny Beemyn

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