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Jennings, Kevin (b. 1963)  
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Jennings and his partner, Jeff Davis, maintain a home in New York City. During his farewell address at the GLSEN Respect Awards in the spring of 2008, he summed up his philosophy in his closing remarks: "Be impatient. Demand change now. Time is a luxury that children cannot afford."

[In May 2009, Jennings joined the Obama administration as Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education and director of the Office of Safe & Drug-Free Schools. The appointment, for which he is eminently qualified, sparked a series of hysterical and libelous attacks on him by conservative activists, abetted by irresponsible reporting from the Washington Times and the Fox News Network.

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Despite the viciousness of the attacks, Jennings was buoyed by the support he received from President Obama and Secretary Arne Duncan.

His partner told him, "You've spent your whole life fighting bullying. You're not going to give in to bullies now." So, rather than resigning in the face of the vicious attacks, Jennings pressed on with ambitious plans to help prevent bullying in the schools.

The urgency of this need was underlined in the fall of 2009 when a number of suicides by gay youth who had been bullied came to light. In response, he helped convene the first White House Conference on Bullying Prevention, headlined by the President and First Lady. He also worked with the national association of school bus drivers to help train drivers to prevent bullying on school buses and with advising local school boards on ways to provide safe schools for all students.

In 2011, he decided to resign his position in the Department of Education in order to head a new non-profit organization, "Be the Change," dedicated to addressing the growing problem of economic inequality in the country.

One of the advantages of the new job is that it will permit him to move back to his home in New York City to spend more time with Davis.

In an interview with Stephanie Mencimer soon after he announced his plans to leave the Department of Education, Jennings explained that he was comfortable leaving since "I felt like we had succeeded in mobilizing the resources of the administration to stop bullying. . . . My contribution was to galvanize [the anti-bullying] movement and now that movement can move on without me," he said.]

Victoria Shannon

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