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Kirby, Michael (b. 1939)  
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Kirby is a member of the Anglican Church and considers himself a religious person who adheres to the "good values and loving values" that were instilled in him from childhood. He is, however, disappointed that the church is not more accepting of homosexuality. In a 2003 interview he stated, "We're going to have to get through this rather dark period. We're going to have to get through it, I hope, without hurting a lot of young people who are torn between their love of their religion, which they associate with their parents and their upbringing and their family, and the need to be true to themselves, which is terribly important."

Kirby has spoken in favor of same-sex marriage, both for the social affirmation of such unions and for the legal and economic benefits currently denied to gay and lesbian couples. He has called his long committed relationship with van Vloten "a great blessing in my life."

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"For the stressful, pressured work of a professional lawyer, a loving and supportive home life is specially precious," said Kirby in a 2005 speech.

Van Vloten attended High Court functions with Kirby and accompanied him to formal luncheons and dinners with the Queen, the Prime Minister, and the Governor-General, as well as to other official events.

Kirby struck an optimistic note in remarks at the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Gay Games in his home city of Sydney.

"Ours is the world of love, questing to find the common links that bind all people. We participate because, whatever our sexuality, we believe that the days of exclusion are numbered.

"In our future world, everyone can find their place, where their human rights and human dignity will be upheld."

In his speech, Kirby honored "people of courage," including activists Rodney Croome and Nicholas Toonen, who led a long and eventually successful campaign to have homosexuality decriminalized in Tasmania; Neal Blewett, an early leader in the effort to combat AIDS in Australia; and Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë, the victim of a homophobic stabbing.

He praised Gay Games founder Tom Waddell and cited other openly gay athletes, such as Olympic champion Greg Louganis, Australian rugby star Ian Roberts, and American rugby player Mark Bingham, who had planned to attend the Sydney games but died on September 11, 2001 while trying to help regain control of the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 and to save the lives of those aboard.

"Indeed," declared Kirby, "I think of everyone who affirms the fundamental unity of all human beings. Who rejects ignorance, hatred, and error. And who embraces love, which is the ultimate foundation of all human rights."

In 2009, Kirby retired from the High Court. Fittingly, given his frequent comments about the desirability of women in the judiciary, he was succeed by a woman, Justice Virginia Bell.

Upon his retirement, he accepted a number of honorary academic appointments at Australian universities.

He has continued to be outspoken in favor of equal marriage rights. In May 2012, for example, he told a Parliamentary committee considering a marriage equality bill that despite his having risen to become a significant member of the Australian judiciary, he always felt that he was a "second-class citizen" and would remain so until gay people had equal rights, including equal marriage rights.

Linda Rapp

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